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The year 2009 was quite wonderful. But I would not call it the best or worst because I believe both are yet to come. Any way at the threshold of a new year I thought I would write about the past year. But then there was too much to write.. So I randomly made up it into 100 points. These include good days. Bad days. Ups, Downs, Achievemnets. People who helped me specially in 2009… This is not a comprehensive list and this does not mean that others and other incidents were not special for me.. It simply means that these are the ones which struck me now… And some names who have been always with me… I have not bothered to include here… Because they are not just special in 2009 alone but were always.. Also included are some facts which I found./ discovered during last 1 year ! (eg no.9)

So here goes 2009 !

  1. New year eve with Charles, Roshan and MAthew, Kochin Dec 31, 2008
  2. New year with Mathew Sebastian at my home.
  3. January – the month of B;days – the BIG PARTY by boys.
  4. Reaching home for Parents wedding Anniversary on 22nd Feb
  5. Christ Fest – In Bloom, the overall came our way
  6. Various fests with my Mad Ads Team – MVJ, KSIT, St. Josephs
  7. MVJ Treasure Hunt with Roshan
  8. The KSIT Incident ! Goonda – car – hit – Rosh – N95 – Police !
  9. Science Fest at JNC – documentary, Debate, Spoof & the disc
  10. 100% winning rate of our team in Icebreaker
  11. Jajaja alias Nitin Yashas – a lucky friend indeed !
  12. The fact that No. 8’s lucky shirt works for me too
  13. Roshan, Jobin, Babush, Yatta, Pranit, Tony – always !
  14. B- mid birthday parties
  15. Johnite Premier League – an idea executed to fullness !
  16. St. Johns Campus Blog – johnknight.in
  17. hours spent with Danny George for BGR work
  18. Release of College Magazine – BGR
  19. Post BGR treat with the Magazine Team at Edge
  20. A potential ‘ragger’ to a member in anti ragging committee
  21. Freshers Day 2009
  22. Committee Election – the drama
  23. Being back stabbed from someone whom I cared.
  24. Day of Committee Election – being elected as the president.
  25. Bought a new Cell phone – lost as well in 2009
  26. Performance with Mad Med Men in Mad Med Mayhem
  27. Inter Class Sports – 2007 Overall Champs
  28. Hockey Finals – 2007 winning
  29. ICC 2009 – Mad Ads, Mock Rock, Collage, Treasure Hunt
  30. Time spent with Nitn Yashas (phone call and chatting included)
  31. My mad ads team being christened as ‘ Mad Med Men Jnrs’
  32. MMM(J) shows – Thalessemia, AIDS, Dr. Mary Olapz, Farewell
  33. Late night practice sections with my team (till 3-4 AM in the mess)
  34. The Pondichery drive with Roshan !
  36. Movie to harihar, 20-20, 2012, Pazhassi, New york etc in theatre with friends
  37. NLS Le Gala (read below – November 21st – quite eventfull)
  38. Starting a personal blog
  39. Go karting with ja ja and Roshan
  40. Saturday Night Paramount Buffets with Davi and Rosh
  41. MicroBiology 2nd Inernals Paper 😮
  42. Vacations and time spent with SKPSians
  43. 2009 Maundy Thursday ‘Pezaha Appam muriakkal’ with everyone,
  44. Papa buying me a handy cam
  45. DNA Paper reports about Mad Med Men Jnrs
  46. Road Trip to Chalakudy – Davis’s House
  47. Ammachi – my Grand mothers death
  48. Christo Thomas – my friend’s death
  49. missing the Parish Feast for the First time (May – ICC Campus Dinner)
  50. The Study leave (Vacation?) in December before Universityat home
  51. Prelims Practicals all subjects
  52. Movies with Dilip – in Thalayolaparambu
  53. Trip with Rosh to Pala and then dropping him at ERKM to watch a movie
  54. Getting Internet BroadBand connection in B-BLOCK
  55. The Committee Meetings
  56. Meeting s with 2009 Batch
  57. The Day before farewell – the confusion and thrill
  58. The Decision to shift the farewell venue
  59. Farewell Dinner 2009
  60. Inauguration of a hostel prayer room. – adorations and holy mass
  61. ‘Palm Sunday’ at St. Thomas
  62. St. Thomas Youth Festival at Dhramram
  63. Onam with Roshan in Kalavara, Bangalore
  64. Onam Lunch with Ani Chettan and Bijo Chettai
  65. Sundays at CST – RRC
  66. Thursday night – Infant Jesus, Vivieknagar
  67. Irritating Babush together with jobin
  68. ‘Kathi’; sessions in my room with our gang
  69. BGLR-KERALA bus trips with Roshan
  70. Telugu movies – at least a hundred of them in 2009 !
  71. Kannada Movie in PVR with Nitin Yashas –raj the show man !
  72. K.V, Kiran – After mass meeting in mannar
  73. Easter celebration and decoration with K.C.Y.M friends.
  74. All Kerala CBSE/ICSE Inter school Quiz by SKPS Alumni
  75. Teachers day – Sept 5, 2009
  76. B’day Papa – Dec 1, 2009
  77. B’day Mummy – Coming late to home with the gift.
  78. College Retreat 2009
  79. Numerous outing with dearest friends
  80. Skit for Patrons day with Fr. Lawrence, Danny, Prabhu, Dr. Kattapa, Dr. moses, Dr. Ganesh, Sr. Beenama and others
  81. Rev. Fr. Archie Farewell
  82. Being made in charge of alumni websites
  83. Dr. Varghese
  84. Dr. Bobby, Dr. Preetesh, Dr. Binu, Dr. Dennis, Dr. Kurain (PMR),
  85. Dr. Reji, Dr. Kuttapa, Dr. Ravi Nayar
  86. Dr. Karuna, Dr. Anuradha, Dr. Usha Kini, Dr. Smitha
  87. Rev. Fr. Lawrence, Rev. Fr, Mathew, Rev. Fr. Prakash,
  88. Dr. Prem Pias, Dr. Sandhya TA
  89. Sr. Saghaya (Sec. ADC), Sr. Spesiosa
  90. All the sisters of my batch
  91. Lavina for all help esp during practicals
  92. Seniors 2003 – Prabhu, Paul ,Danny
  93. 2005 – Vinod, Murtuza, Abey, MD, Joe Jose, Basanth
  94. 2006- Manu, Jyothis
  95. PGs- dr. TomDr. Kurian, Dr. Biju, Dr. Ricahrd, Dr. Mathew David, Dr. Jasmine, Microbiology, Pharmac and Path PGs
  96. B- Mid Corridor Mates !
  97. Treat by SKPS Alumni gen Sec (Naveen) after All Kerala Quiz
  98. Treat by danny and paul to me , ja ja and roshan, before leaving Johns
  99. Go karting in ‘mundu’ on onam day with Danny and JA JA
  100. II nd year UNIVERSITY exams, and a ruined Christmas and spoiled newyear
  101. Not to forget .. I’m 21 now !Sep 15, 2009)

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X’mas & Xams !

This Christmas was different, not just different but really distinct . There seemed to be no Christmas anywhere in Johns as it was University exam time here. And it was the First ruined Christmas for me. And They say many more are there to come…

No carols, No crib, No Christmas tree, No  Christmas eve…. what more No non-veg food even,  the list is actually quite big. Instead of carols ans Santa, it was some stupid microbes and drugs that were eating my brain this Christmas. Could not even wish any of my friends this Christmas.

At least if the exams were ok, I would have been a happy man, but hard luck, the RGUHS examiners did not seem to care about average students like me !!!

On top of all that… today was SKPS Alumni Meeting Day… I missed that also !!! (Sorry guys .. Hope you understood my situation ! this post is for you people.)

More viruses and fungi waiting to infect me  ! so back to books !!! Bye !

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Divide & Rule

Till now I had 5 Ap ites in my batch. Following what is happening  to Andhra Paradesh, I fear I will have just 1 Ap ite in my batch and 4 Teluganites ( please excuse me, if that is not the official term) from now on. Interesting… Our list of Indians will have some additions for sure.  Mals, Tams, Apites, Kannadikas, Mumbikars to be joined by Teluganites. Good let the list of Indians grow.  But are you not missing India and Indians in it ?

I thought ‘Divide and Rule’ was a British Policy but Indian Politicians seem to be interested in clinging on to the same at least when it comes to state formations. The Recent developments make you think so.

I cannot and need not be a judge about whether the division of AP is good or bad but it does not look so good right now at least on the large scale for India. I have read and heard enough about the under development of Telugana and the discrimination over the years. The cry for a separate state, it seems existed right from the beginning. But somehow Andhra Pradesh seemed to sail through and Hyderabad emerged as one of the top cities in South Asia. But eventhough Hyderabad prospered the surrounding Telugana states did not prosper enough over the years.

So, as it is preached by pro-telugana leaders a division is the only way to improve the condition of Telugana. I feel they have a point in that. Smaller territory, with leaders form the same area… sounds good. But still the fear is that will it repeat a Eutopia?

Telugana though not fertile like coastal Andhra, is rich in coal mines, has electric power stations and some big industries and IT around Hyderabad. Jarkhand, one among the latest states in the country had a similar upper hand and still its struggling. Hope that the new leaders of the new state -TELUGANA do not concentrate on looting the resources and making the people just more backward and poorer.

Apart from, Worries for Telugana and Problems for AP, I think the worry for the union government and concern for other Indians would be about the other STATE demands which have started in different parts of our country. After the telugana hunger stike and its success, the Ghorkha land fighters from Darjelling have decided to adopt the same style with a little added flavor – of violence and moral policing. Not to forget Mayawathi’s ‘repeated warning letters’ to PM demanding division of UP into three different states . Karnataka is soon to follow with some uprising already in Southern Side.

This indeed will be a big headache for the Manmohanji and Sonia Gandhi. It would be intresting to see how UPA tackles this. How ever they do if more division of states are put into effect that will just witness emergence of new local leaders, who become national leaders overnight… will lead to more social and cultural separations… Let us not forget though we write about Unity in diversity, A tamilian is still called a Madrasi or Tam, A keralite – the mallus and so on… And the Indian seems to be dead among all these nick names !

Bottom line… my worry is not about TELUGANA getting a separate state status or whatever… But the question is Why We Indians Want to Divide ourselves again and again… Do you call this is still within our unity and not about any separatism…. I doubt especially when “Telugana Jago and Andhra Bhago” , “Quit Mumbai” and similar exhortations are in the air !

Yours truly.. Jino Joy !

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Me too a Mad Med Men (3M)………..

DNA NewspaperAn article titled’ Would-be docs stage plays to promote health issues’ was published by the DNA Daily on Dec. 4 ,2009 about the Mad Med Men Jnrs. of St. Johns Medical College (my team).

Click the link below to read the full story


Bangalore: Here’s a amateur theatre group but with a social purpose. The group named Mad Med Men Juniors, uses the medium of theatre to spread awareness about various health issues like Thalassemia and childhood obesity, among others. The young minds behind these plays are not from any drama school, but from St Johns Medical College, a prestigious medical college of the city. “We believe that laughter is the best medicine. We have been involved in spreading social awareness about various issues through our mimes, skits, plays, etc and most of the times we convey our message through humour,” said Nitin Yashas, a member of the team. It’s their underlying theme of their drama that the unconventional name of the groupattempts to convey, Nitin added. For the nine members — Jino Joy, Nitin Yashas, Jobin Jose, Babush Jose, Roshan Valentine, Jeson John, Joseph Eugene, Nidhin Varghese and Arut Chezian — theatre is an art form that is supposed to give back something to the society. “Mad Med Men was originally formed by the batch of 2003.They have been our inspiration,” said Jino Joy, a student of St Johns Medical College. And in the past few months, the activities of the team had brought smiles on the faces of many children. “Along with the department of community medicine, we performed a skit at Madiwala High School which reflected on the causes behind childhood obesity and ways to deal with it,” said Roshan Valentine. The team focuses on issues of everyday life. “We choose simple language and try to bring in scenes with which the children can relate to. For example, the childhood obesity skit tells the story of a boy who keeps sitting in a couch and keeps gorging on chips, snacks etc,” said Babush Jose. According to the members, the difficult part is to maintain the comic tone in the play. “Performing this skit also gave us a chance to understand more about HIV pre-test and post-test counselling. Though the content was more technical, we took care not to compromise on humour,” said Jobin Jose.

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Happy B’day Papa!

Dad, you were never too busy

to make that extra trip to practice, to school..

to do whatever it took to give me everything

I would need to grow up

and get a good start in life…..

When I was younger,

I didn’t know how hard it must have been

for you to devote all that time to me,

but now that I’m older, I do…

And I appreciate it all the more.

Love You Dad!

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