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Divide & Rule

Till now I had 5 Ap ites in my batch. Following what is happening  to Andhra Paradesh, I fear I will have just 1 Ap ite in my batch and 4 Teluganites ( please excuse me, if that is not the official term) from now on. Interesting… Our list of Indians will have some additions for sure.  Mals, Tams, Apites, Kannadikas, Mumbikars to be joined by Teluganites. Good let the list of Indians grow.  But are you not missing India and Indians in it ?

I thought ‘Divide and Rule’ was a British Policy but Indian Politicians seem to be interested in clinging on to the same at least when it comes to state formations. The Recent developments make you think so.

I cannot and need not be a judge about whether the division of AP is good or bad but it does not look so good right now at least on the large scale for India. I have read and heard enough about the under development of Telugana and the discrimination over the years. The cry for a separate state, it seems existed right from the beginning. But somehow Andhra Pradesh seemed to sail through and Hyderabad emerged as one of the top cities in South Asia. But eventhough Hyderabad prospered the surrounding Telugana states did not prosper enough over the years.

So, as it is preached by pro-telugana leaders a division is the only way to improve the condition of Telugana. I feel they have a point in that. Smaller territory, with leaders form the same area… sounds good. But still the fear is that will it repeat a Eutopia?

Telugana though not fertile like coastal Andhra, is rich in coal mines, has electric power stations and some big industries and IT around Hyderabad. Jarkhand, one among the latest states in the country had a similar upper hand and still its struggling. Hope that the new leaders of the new state -TELUGANA do not concentrate on looting the resources and making the people just more backward and poorer.

Apart from, Worries for Telugana and Problems for AP, I think the worry for the union government and concern for other Indians would be about the other STATE demands which have started in different parts of our country. After the telugana hunger stike and its success, the Ghorkha land fighters from Darjelling have decided to adopt the same style with a little added flavor – of violence and moral policing. Not to forget Mayawathi’s ‘repeated warning letters’ to PM demanding division of UP into three different states . Karnataka is soon to follow with some uprising already in Southern Side.

This indeed will be a big headache for the Manmohanji and Sonia Gandhi. It would be intresting to see how UPA tackles this. How ever they do if more division of states are put into effect that will just witness emergence of new local leaders, who become national leaders overnight… will lead to more social and cultural separations… Let us not forget though we write about Unity in diversity, A tamilian is still called a Madrasi or Tam, A keralite – the mallus and so on… And the Indian seems to be dead among all these nick names !

Bottom line… my worry is not about TELUGANA getting a separate state status or whatever… But the question is Why We Indians Want to Divide ourselves again and again… Do you call this is still within our unity and not about any separatism…. I doubt especially when “Telugana Jago and Andhra Bhago” , “Quit Mumbai” and similar exhortations are in the air !

Yours truly.. Jino Joy !

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