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Had gone to Bangalore last week to attend an inter college fest, a fest which now I would not hesitate to call as one of my best till date in Bangalore. Yeah this was the one – Alo Ha Scintillations 2010, the inter college cultural fest organised by the Jyothi Nivas College, Bangalore.

This was the 3rd time I had gone to perform in JNC. Every time it gets better and better and this time it was the best. Not may be in the number of prizes that we Johnites won,but definitely had a better impact than any other college team in JNC. The total crew members from Johns were just 11. But they managed to rock the fest. (I am pretty sure no JNCite would differ.)

We (Jobin, RV and Davis) from the Mad Med Men reached Bangalore on Thursday (one day in advance) for the fest from vacation at home. With our guitarist Tilak Pinto and other team mate, the one and only Ja Ja Ja (Nitin) we started our Ice breaker Practice. Earlier some other batch mates who were expected to perform backed out suddenly and left a rough tone across. God, had seen the effort we were putting in and there came Jasbon as the ever faithful back up member. Together we practiced till late night. We had to do a few new scenes at JNC since we had preformed this mime before there… A few minutes break, a little bit of Mess food…. our neurons started working… we got our new scenes ready ! Then came the bigger problem of the night. We realised it would be difficult for our guitarist T.P to finish his end off posting exams and attend the event at 10:00 AM. No doubt, the task was left to the Cul-Sec in making Ja Ja Ja, who has already displayed his expertise in tackling such ‘complex’ issues before.

A bit of practice after breakfast and TP left for his exams. We the rest went to JNC and started waiting for him to join us. Ja Ja Ja with his contacts in JNC managed to put us as the last team for Ice breaker. And finally our turn came, but our man showed no signs. JNC girls were kind enough to wait for us, they filled in the gap with some game shows and gave us extra ten minutes. Mean while RV and Ja Ja reached college and got our man – TP to JNC.

So finally we were on stage… We knew JNC had waited and adjusted a lot for us… so we did not want to depress them by any chance. So the Mad Med Men Juniors gave a full blown performance. And the cheers gave us more energy. Outside your college, when you perform in front of a huge audience, they recognize and cheer you by calling your own name !! Want more reasons why we Johnites are enthusiatic about performing in JNC???

As we came to an end of Ice breaker, we realized as usual we exceeded the time limit. But the Judges and so the girls did not really seem to bother about that much. And finally the results – again FIRST !! (We had a 100% victory record with ice breakers) Thank God ! They say “Well begun, is half done” and my team belives in that a little too much !

The only regret on Day 1 was that I could not keep up the promise to Nitin and take part in Debate with him. I was seriously too bored to go and debate about Moral policing again !! Thankfully he understood my point.
Evening with Roshan and Jeff stayed back for JNC fashion show, but only 3 teams took part and was quite disappointing ! Any way since we stayed back could meet the Kannada ‘super star’ Chetan, who came to say cheers to JNCites. Hmmm… the girls went really mad about him !! Among those girls who ran to talk to him on stage we Johnites had a representation too… Our own Kanndiga – JA JA JA ! He went on stage and as expected asked some stupid question to Chetan and confused him ! But anyway thanks for mentioning our team name – MAD MED MEN on the stage, which was telecasted live by UDAYA TV.

The night was dedicated for full time practice. Guitarist T.P was inducted into the acting squad of mad med men for mad ads. Jasbon also stayed. Thus the squad was ready. By 11:00 PM, I managed to complete the new script adding 3 scenes and deleting a few old ones. Jasbon stayed back till 1:00 AM, we finished one round of practice. Thanks to Davi who went out and bought some food late in night and rescued our team from falling hypoglycemic.

By morning 8:30, Ja Ja also joined the team and we did 2-3 complete practices. Reached JNC just in time, we expected a maximum of 4-5 teams. But I was shocked when I heard we had 15 teams to compete. Then the only thing that I told my team before going on stage was also the same “Guys we have 15 teams to defeat, if we pull out a victory this time, It’s gonna be our best”…. May not be the best of my actors, may not be so coordinated, may not be sure about the script, but everyone just performed and enjoyed every bit of it !!
The crowd in the open air PU stage of JNC as allways kept our spirits high ! We gave a nice shot I thought. I hanged around and saw the other teams who performed latter too. But no one got such good feedback from crowd as much as we got… So counted our chance to get placed in top 3. But as the Judges declared the results we were on cloud nine. They first declared the special mentions – “BEST NARRATOR _ JOBIN JOSE from the Mad Med Men, BEST ACTOR – JINO JOY………..” and then the big one “BEST TEAM – 1st – MAD MED MEN from St. Johns Medical College”. What added to our joy was the judges who were part of teams that performed in the era of our senior mad med men, compared ourselves to our great seniors – the 03 team. That was the best we could hear !!!

Then came a small competition on the main stage, which earlier I had decided not to take part, but then finally decided to give a try after the clean sweep in Mad Ads. The Monoact competition. I did my ‘Othello’ play in Malayalam – only 3 scenes. But surprisingly the crowd supported a lot. Then while on stage I thought I should perform something for this ever lovely JNC crowd. So did a Navarasa show ! Would you believe, what I did there was impromptu !!! But that also seemed to be a hit with the crowd ! Thank God ! The Results of Monact was the best part for me in JNC…. As the judge asked the crowd to take a guess who is the winner, the girls had only one name. And I’m thankful that it was mine !

All together we all had a nice time at Scintillations !!! Coming back all the way to attend this fest was worth it !!! And as I did in my navarasa show for the rasa – VEERAM …. we johnites felt we were really the champs… and once again we walked out with our heads held high ! As our MAD MED MOB – The BLACK Ford Ikon, car came out of JNC – we had just one question to ask the JNC GIRLS – ‘When are you planning to keep your science fest this year???’

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Let there be Night !

Happened to read a special report on the latest issue of “The week” magazine which actually spoke about a relatively new kind of pollution “Light pollution”.

This report gave me an answer for all my doubts about why the night sky in Bangalore looks reddish bright with scanty few stars… Being from a village I have always enjoyed a beautiful view of the sky in night with millions of stars twinkling down. Often, when you walk through the paddy fields in night you may spot a shooting star even. With Shakespeare  one  could exclaim  back here in this place….”How beatueos the world is….”

But for the past two and a half years, after coming to city of Bangalore I must admit, hardly I’ve been able to spot any of those constellations. Only time I remember doing that was in Mugalur, where we as medical students went for a 2 week camp in rural Karnataka.

Reading the report on the Week, I realized the issue is bigger. It also had something to do with pollution. But this time the villain being relatively unheard cousin – Light pollution !

“Once upon a time, there used to be a night. It would be ushered in at the cowdust hour, when lamps were lit, long shadows were cast and crickets began their chirp. Sometimes, it was dark and deep, lulling the living into slumber while mysterious ghosts glided in the starlight. Sometimes, it would be awash in moonlight, inspiring a love-struck Romeo to serenade. candle light dinners took on enchantment when a flickering flame was the only illumination.

……But this generation has been deprived of the dark.”

Our cities these days pride in their ability to never sleep. Night life is ‘the’ life in most of the cities. We have cities which switch on their street lamps and flood lights to chase away darkness. Adding on to this the flood lights, the vehicle head lamps and so on.

In the Good old days, every writer praised light and often projected it as sign of Good, Truth and all the positive values. They wrote about dark as a symbol of fear, crime and other negatives. Let these masterpieces  stay but the beauty of darkness was something which inspired and astonished many.

But here is a time, where our generations would miss this beauty for ever. ‘The loss of the night is a romantic tragedy, and doubly so, Not only has it taken away the mysteries of the dark, but also dimmed the significance of day, with nothing to contrast with it.’

Artificial illumination invaded almost completely the natural darkness at least in our cities.

One might wonder other than so called concern for the ecology and worry about everything that weans away – which is a trend these days – is light pollution really an important issue?Does this have any significance in our lives?

Late night shifts which alter the production of melatonin, escalates the rish of cancer. This is not just a hypothesis but it is based on a WHO study. In Denmark, they have a scheme in which ladies who develop cancer after late night shift work are paid compensation. Another hormone that has a spurt at night is the Growth Hormone. ‘In adults, GH is associated with the body’s repair mechanism. It’s deficiency leads to the fatigue and low immunity that we see in those who stay awake in night. A day’s sleep cannot compensate for a nights rest. Cortisol, the stress hormone too, is related to the circadian rhythm. Its disruption is manifested in the increased stress levels, high blood pressure and obesity. There are reasons humans were created as diural beings, and tampering with this rhythm could open the door to a host of health troubles.

From medical aspect let us move on to the social, emotional and psychological aspect. The people who work in night shift regularly are often disconnected from others and society. Even with week end holidays, people who work according to American or European timings find it hard to bring back their body to Indian timings. Some loose weight, where others gain.

Its not just about staying beyond traditional bedtime. The quality of darkness is as important.  A US study showed that infants who slept in rooms lit by night lamp had increased chances of developing myopia.

The problem is big and the effects are many. Surprisingly there is no Indian study yet on this subject. And I doubt whether any thinking has gone into this subject as such yet. Well, I think I need to change my style too a bit. My usual sleeping time is 2 AM to 8 AM. I think I need to revise it soon. Rightly they say” Early to bed, Early to rise”.

Then the next bit, after reading and sharing about this problem at various sources in last 24 hours, I think there should be some study on this subject especially in our cities like – Bangalore and Hyderabad where so many IT parks and call centers function according to the time tables of their international clients. People deserve to know about this in a much organized and systematic way validated with scientific findings and facts.

God when he created universe said “Let there be Light”. It is believed He  created  Light and Darkness for man and other animals to work and rest. Its time to hear the new word “Let there be Night !”

The night itself is our right. It’s time to reclaim !

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Phew ! It’s over ?

Phew ! finally it’s over ! hopefully….

IInd year MBBS exams they say it is the toughest theory paper to write… I don’t know about that, but this way definitely tough ! Glad that it is over. But I think I have to add “hopefully” to that statement…as I have been doing right from the day I finished my exams…Yeah hopefully that is the end of second year… I seriously don’t want to read these subjects again.

Whatever, the best part of any exam season would be the vacations which follow. And yes 3 weeks of complete freedom and enjoyment. As usual, this vacation also I have made some big plans.

Time to be divided between Pilgrimages, Family, School Friends and Johnites.. Among the plans for this vacation are Malayatoor, Bharnaganam, Mannanam pilgrimages….. start of work for the kayyalackal family blog and our family directory…  about 3 family functions and get together at Kannat, Palai… some outings with parents….  all the newly released movies with friends… veegaland trip with skpsians… skps annual day… campus bloggers meet at Ernakulam…. Kerala Trip Phase 5 with rv, jobi, ja ja, andrew, davi , mathew and others…. JNC Fest at bangalore…KCYM Mannar re organisation…. finish reading few books…. dedicate some time for my stamps and garden at home… improve cooking skills…. and much much more !!!

NO !!! 3 weeks are not enough !!!

… time to go down for family prayers… so bye…..

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