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Report from Times of India (Bangalore Edition – July 29, Thursday)

Young, dynamic, energetic and, above all, the urge to make a difference… This sums up basic characteristics of student council presidents.

From organizing cultural events to being academically brilliant, they make a good example as leaders. Council presidents agree their role can be daunting at times but gives them immense satisfaction.

Genevieve D’Souza, final-year BA student of Mount Carmel College and council president, said striking a balance between organizing activities and managing class attendance is a challenge. “There are many clubs which need my attention. Also, we are a via-media between students and college managements,” she said.

Jino Joy, president of St John’s Medical College Student Council, points out, “There’s some tension involved in getting things organized. For instance, for two decades, St John’s would organize a fest called `Autumn Muse’ usually in November. It stopped in 2006 after examinations were advanced to October/ November. There are requests from alumni and students to restart it.”

Other areas which are challenging for this third-year undergrad is meeting everyones’ expectations and that he cannot miss clinics.

While some are elected, others are chosen by managements. In an interesting incident, Ajar Rab of National Law School of India University (NLSIU) contested for the elections though he was then in Germany. As luck would have it, he won 189 votes of 330. Besides making sure that all activities in the different clubs go on smoothly, this 5th-year student has to ensure that students don’t have any problems with respect to infrastructure, internet access and examinations. He organizes lectures and manages a helpline offering free legal aid.

Sneha Shivakumar, 3rd year student of CMR Law College, has a series of activities lined up. Be it the moot court competition or mock Parliament session, the college organizes them every year. “Legal awareness camps and a national seminar on law and women rights are also organized for public,” she added.

Besides student-related activities, these leaders take up environment and social activities too. For instance, at MCC, waste is segregated every day. Dustbins of different colours are placed on the campus so that food, plastics and paper are disposed of separately.

At St John’s, the council is gearing up for a rock show by Parikrama and Avial on August 14. “At this fund-raising programme, money collected from sale of tickets will be given to Unit of Hope, a department in the hospital which conducts free reconstructive surgery,” said Jino Joy.

Protecting the environment and providing basic amenities for students are important for S M Nagendra, BBM final year student of Reva College. He focuses on making sure students are aware of basic fire-fighting measures, organizes seminar on entrepreneurship and e-assignments. “We’re trying to maintain an eco-friendly campus and contact NGOs to take up social issues,” he added.

Though their time is limited, this young brigade is all set to keep their institutions’ flag flying high.

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One of my friends told me there are only two classes of people in this world. He had few names to quote and told me that people belong to only two classes talkers or doers. Well I could not agree much with that and hence decided to share few of my thoughts with you all. According to me, there are not two, but three classes of people broadly – 1) Talkers 2) Doers 3)Others. The third category will have two unique ‘L’ groups – Losers and Leaders. 

The argument goes there are people who talk nicely but fail to execute. And of course as much is said about them there are people who do not talk anything much but ‘DO’ things well. Generally people are biased that the second category people ‘doers’ are much better than mere ‘talkers’. Even the good old saying goes like this – “Talk less and Work More”. But for me both these categories are ‘winners’ in their on ways. Both talkers and doers can win battles even. Remember inspirational words by Mr. Churchill made a country win the war. At the same time due credit goes to the men who executed the mission too.

If you talk well, even without doing anything especially in a country like India you can survive. To add on to that, even if you do really bad things if you know how to talk and handle the situation you can often escape the embarrassment and consequences. I have read somewhere – “Every fraud on this planet is blessed with one gift – the gift being his tongue”.

 If you are a guy who can execute things brilliantly but not so good at your speaking skills still you will get your recognition and appreciation, though it might take a while or even few years for people to realize your presence. And the fame might last longer than for ‘talkers’.

Now how about being not good at both? You neither can talk well nor do. Then the title would say – Looser! When I say not good talkers, I include the people who talk a lot of nonsense and absolute rubbish. They indeed are talkers but, sorry that non-sense talkers for me goes into the class of losers. People who crib also are talkers but are still contenders for the Losers Category. Don’t they say that Empty Vessels make more noise! There are people who talk rubbish or who do not take part in any of those conversations as such or who prefer to be silent always and still do not do anything productive. This includes who just sits in a room 24*7 watches some movies, reads ‘those’ magazines always, eat , puke it out, eat again and sleep…. get up… eat…. !!!

And then the people belonging to the other ‘L’ Category – LEADERS ! I feel there are men in this world who can talk well and do things effectively. May be they do not execute everything that they preach. But still there are people who do productive work and can speak well, convince people and get work done too. These days one would encounter a lot of such Leaders in your life. No, I’m not talking about Political Leaders. The focus is on real Leaders who inspire us with their lives and their words. Business entrepreneurs, Sports Persons, Few Politicians….. The list goes on. But not just these high profile candidates, this category of people are present in every walk of life. And Not just that Any one of us can be one too! And our Country badly needs GOOD LEADERS!

Bottom Line: – Be it category 1 or 2 – Talkers or Doers, they both are at the end of the day winners.  Being in the category of Leaders is what everyone should strive for. But definitely ensure that you are not in the category of Losers!

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