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india_00006140We are Indians, we take pride in finding fault with every single thing in this country but never get enough time to fix them. We are Indians, We seem to cheer for our nation only when there are cricket matches, but have no shame in betting for or fixing up those matches. We are Indians, We claim to fight against caste system day and night, but demand for every single reservation possible. We are Indians, We flood Facebook, twitter and even google plus, with patriotic posts prior to Independence Day, but use the same media to insult and deface our country in front of the world.

We are Indians,We are proud of our monuments and heritage when we describe them to a foreign colleague or delegate, but enjoy writing our names on those walls and takes pride in painting them with our pee. We are Indians, We crib about falling value of Rupee and inflammation, but adopt illegal methods to  avoid taxes and VAT.  We are Indians, we call for a strike (bandh or hartal) on every petrol-diesel price hike, but will never stop using cars for 2kms office/market drive nor practice car pooling/public transport.

We are Indians, We protest on the streets and on social media when a woman is raped, but still find cheap thrill in eve teasing women around us. We are Indians, We complain everyday about lack of cleanliness and garbage piles on our roads, but we still spit on roads and throw waste lavishly out of our cars or buses onto the roads. We are Indians, We claim top positions in world’s best companies and organizations, but forget to get investments or to start big ventures in our country. We are Indians, we pretend to be unhappy with politics and politicians but never dare to stand for elections or support a new party. We are Indians, we do hunger strikes at Jantar Mandir and walk around the streets with candles in hand to stop corruption, but prefers to pay 100 Rs bribe to the cop and getaway when caught for a violation on road.

We are Indians, We claim to be patriotic and pretend to be in love with the country, but do nothing absolutely for a better India !

Let us make a change starting with the place we study, work or live and march towards a better India.
Its time we listen to Vivekanda’s exhortation: “Let us all work hard, my brethren; this is no time for sleep. On our work depends the coming of the India of the future. She is there ready waiting. She is only sleeping. Arise and awake, and see her seated here, on her eternal throne, rejuvenated, more glorious than she ever was — this motherland of ours.”

A thousand problems plague India today. Feigning ignorance or mocking will bring about no revolution. The emerging youth of India, well-educated, capable of looking beyond petty issues and adept to make informed decisions, is expected to take nation forward and rid her of the feeling of malaise. Whether you feel you are the shepherd or the sheep, it makes no difference as the path to be dread upon is the same. Arise, Awake Let us stop cursing darkness, but light a candle !!!

For all the rest of you, it is just, “Happy Independence day” again !

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