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Born to Win

I follow certain weird philosophies and principles in my life. Often people do not understand but still mostly I stand for what ‘I’ believe is true. And it has been always a pleasure for me to get criticized by people in what I do. Because that is something else that I strongly believe, – ‘Criticism brings out the best in me’.

So let me slip into the shoes of a philosopher ! Caution : If you realize it is going be to non sense . Please stop reading this…. :p

Criticism for me is divided into two categories – creative and non creative. But let it belong to any of these classes it always can help some one if he/she knows how to take it in the right sense. Oh No ! I’m not trying to make a statement that I know how to take all that in the right sense. But being inspired by so many of the books about positive thinking, I would like to always associate such criticism with my success every time.

The creative class of criticism is from individuals who actually know what they are talking. They do not mean it personal. They show the maturity to point out your mistakes – sometimes in public or otherwise in secret. However they just not point the finger at you but rather tell you how to improve from then on. These type of criticism often one gets from parents, authorities, good friends etc. Their aim is not to defame you rather they actually want things to be better. To tackle such comments and people is very simple. The Golden rule is ‘Shed your ego’ and ‘Listen’. You need not follow or take every word of the critic but rather you listen and think to make changes.

The second class of criticism – the non creative and unproductive criticism comes from the losers of the group or society. It is rooted mainly in jealous, hatred and other ‘unholy’ virtues. There is no harm lending your ears to such critics. Often people hate to listen to such people and rather try to push those critics even down. But my style is little different though ! I love to listen to such critics who have lost badly. It is actually not criticism but it is cribbing in its purest form that they unleash. Never mind, take these with a light heart and over a period of time you will enjoy these words. You will actually realize these so called critics are trying so hard to find fault with you and as a result they end up praising you indirectly. Let me explain, often as these people have no clue about what they are talking they will soon shift to insulting you in what you are good at. The jealousy and hatred slowly will pour down from their hearts and even the listeners and audience will soon realize you are still the Hero. And of course from such criticism and negative cheering derive some positive energy which would ensure you are still on the top of table.

Never ever bother to fight back to some one who is desperately trying to put you down. Because if you do so, you are showing you are as cheap and mean as your friend. So rather help him come out his ego. In the true biblical way which seldom people follow keep that smile still on face and help him come out of his loosing habit. Probably then you gain your friend back who gives you creative criticism only

And in Malayalam they say “Manga ulla mavel mathrame allukal kal eriyukaullu” (People throw stones only at the tree with fruits)

So if everyone targets you My Boy ! Sit back and enjoy ! Know that you are the star  !

Also, Ensure that people still throw stones at you

because you are born to win ! not to loose and crib !

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The Day He finished with Micro Prelims (Practs) my good friend Ja Ja Ja (a.k.a Nitin) told me, That was one of the worst days in his life. And he asked me which day in my life, I would rate as the worst…  I had no answer for that. Rather, I told him I’m very optimistic and filled with positive energy that I would not rate any single day so. But then a few days after the same on November 21, i found myself screaming “This is the worst day of my life” several times.

November 21, 2009: The thought of doing some Mad Acting after a long gap of 2 months (?)  and the thrill in winning some quick bucks made me and my team mates – the Mad Med Men Juniors enthusiastic about NLS Le GALA 2009. And there is definitely some other connection with Le Gala for my team, which I think I will write later. We left for NLS as two batches, 3 of us (Nitin, Jobin and myself) in an Auto and the Rest in RV’s car. Everything was smooth and we happily gave 20 rs extra to the Auto guy and waved him off only to realize that I had given him an extra tip… yeah I searched my pockets – my Nokia 1650 was missing… That was the beginning and Just the beginning…

Half an hour later Roshan (the chocolate boy) came up to me with another news. The girls of my batch, were complaining to him about some strange messages and calls from Jino’s number, with filthy language used lavishly. That was enough to get me tensed up… But then it suddenly struck me that I had just 75 paise balance and it would be very little that anyone could do with that. But any way Thank God for such nice batch mates who didn’t blame me or rather in Johnite style “chori” me for those messages. They had enough common sense to realize it was not Jino who was behind that. OK,  I thought that is it for the day. But then as we rang up this ‘guy’ who did all this ‘thamsha’. He seemed to be pretty chill and identified himself as a cop and promised to return the phone to me by 2.00 pm. And right guess… after 2 pm All that I could hear when we tried calling was “switched off – message”. To block my SIM with Air tel again was not an easy task on this ill-fated day. They asked me about my last recharge time, amount, mode etc… I didn’t have any idea except that I recharged Rs. 30 some 4-5 weeks back. But finally some how i could convince Air tel and get my phone blocked.

My bad luck seemed to affect my team’s chances also. Though we got 1st prize in movie spoof, the Mad Ads was disappointing. It was supposed to an impromptu competition, where the product to be performed was given just 30 minutes before the show. We  got “Lucid Lying Lotion” as our product and we managed somehow to put a few ads for 10 mins. But the smart dudes from other teams just did their same old products with just ignoring the given product or just like that mentioning the given product out of no where in between their show. The Judges, seemed to have no Idea about how impromptu mad ads should be. And Blame our luck, we didn’t Win at NLS – Mad Ads ! A place where we have a fantastic track record. We were disappointed not just because we didn’t get the prize, but because the effort we put in writing and enacting a new script in 30 mins went waste.

Even, The ‘2009 dance team’ who won in BMC,  could not impress the judges at NLS. And I must say, the Choreography at NLS was the only event apart from Strawberry fields which kept some standard and was worth watching. The competition was pretty tough, though.

The 1 hour drive in busy Bangalore traffic could not do any further harm to my already low levels. The only good thing that evening was the Dinner which I had with my Team Members at the Paramount Hotel – roof Top. That was just awesome !

It’s said: “Never turn back… while you Run a Race “!! But I felt this small account on what happened on 21st of November would be intresting for at least a few of my readers….

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