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24: FEB :2010 , 6:30 PM

Breaking records is no big deal for this little man from Mumbai. Cricket is his passion ! Often called the God Of Indian Cricket. This master blaster is here to justify all the tags ! Yeah ! Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar just scored a double century against South Africa at Gwalior in the 2nd ODI. As Millions of eyes glued on the television screens and thousands in the stadium witnessed the genius of world cricket took a single and reached the magic figure.

We are indeed lucky to be in the present when Sachin Tendulkar is dominating the world Cricket. Where are the people who told it’s time for him to retire? Where are the smart news reporters and columnists who wrote it is the end of Sachin’s era? This one was for all of them. Sachin was so young today that it looked like Sachin’s era has just begun ! At a strike rate of 139.0, getting to the best ever score in International Cricket ,never looked like a herculean task for this man. He just sailed through brilliantly. Oh Boy !! It was a fest for the eyes. Shots all over ! punishing every single bowler. I bet no South African player would ever forget this innings. Be not surprised if any of them complain like Shane Warne that they see Sachin as a nightmare.

Sachin is on a dream run. Almost all the record in world cricket was tagged in his name long back. And now so he is into the business of creating new records. What a form he is in ! After four consecutive test centuries and a recent 175 mammoth against   Australia….. this one against South Africa ! Read those lines again, it’s not Bangladesh or Zimbabwe. We are talking about Australia and South Africa. Oye Sachin ! Oye !!

And Team India commendable performance and back up. Dinesh Karthik scoring to 70’s Dhoni in 60’s and Pathans quick 36, gave India the extra momentum to reach 401-3.  I have made this post just after Sachin’s Innings It does not at this point of time really bother me or rather does not bother at least a million of other fans, whether South Africa would make up to that target. For us It is SACHIN and just Sachin !! For at least some time we saw people even abusing Dhoni who was actually playing well for India’s sake but was not giving Tendulkar strike in the last three overs. Another moment of tension was when Sachin ran for a second run when he was in 170’s and just manged to get back to the crease !

I feel jealous of the spectators at Gwalior, who watched this great innings live in the stadium.  But definitely watching the same in St. Johns Medical College Recreation Room was no less fun either. It was just about being wild once Sachin crossed 170. Myself, Nitin and a few other friends were supposed to go and cheer for my batch team who was playing an Inter Class Volleyball Match. I feel glad that I missed the Volleyball Match. If not I would not have witnessed history in making……

Thank you Sachin for being in the game making such a huge presence in our times !

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Prelims to JPL

And Phew ! Finally Liberation ! On writing that I should warn myself that though the Prelims are over I have hardly a month left for my University Exams. And they say 2nd year is the toughest of all. But as the saying goes “Fortune favors the brave”. The brave and extra ordinary Johnites are often favored by RGUHS and I hope that magic works out this time also.

Apart from studies, something else is happening in my college campus… the much hyped Johnite Premier League is back in a miniature version – A knock out T10 Cricket Series. I hope this one also would work out like JPL Season 1. And as this unfolds I would like to share with my readers the story of how this JPL came into Johns… On a quick take, it would be right to say ‘JPL is the height of joblessness of a few Johnites’. It all started on a Sunday afternoon when a few of us who were sitting quite bored in my hostel room (B-206), doing nothing but our usual stuff – gossiping and cribbing. Then suddenly everyone wanted to go out play some cricket. It was IPL season, and no doubt the match had a regional flavor immediately. APites and Mals formed different teams. Teams where christened as team Hyderabad and Team Kochin (Team Kochin name rooting from the disappointment of Mallus including me who felt Gods own country was not adequately represented in IPL) . And thus the first JPL  match was played. A detailed report on this match is available on Johnknight – The St. Johns Medical College Blog. ( http://johnknight.in/?p=40)

The concept of mixing up players from different batches and playing became a sudden hit. Thus other batches and guys who wanted to play


with Jarvis, the owner of Mumbhai 420 (Champs JPL 2009)

cricket started approaching us. And thus after a few table discussions, brain storming sessions (?), arguments, debates and what not… finally we came up with a set of rules, guidelines and a fixture. Thus JOHNITE PREMIER LEAGUE started officially. Again the first match of the official version was between Bhagyanagar Beewars (Team Hyderbad) and Kochin Kudos (Team Kochin)

The success of JPL was in the fact that people who never played cricket or rather never bothered to even go to the playgrounds (read as Jino Joy) came down and played for their teams. Can you believe that a total of 124 Johnites played in the series with 6 teams and 25 matches spread over 2 weeks. Not to forget the presence of the fairer sex not just in cheering but also on the ground playing cricket with the guys.  All together it was fun + Cricket. JPL would have never happened this way without the support of my batch mates and 2005. Some people who deserve a special mention are:- Yatta, Nitin, Pranit (Ass. coordinator), Tony, Roshan, Murtuza, Jarvis, Suyash, Charles, Basanth, Rajkumar, Judi etc.

I would not claim JPL as something so great to write pages about, but rather would put it as an example of how small things work out in a big way at my college – St. Johns ! And this spirit is what we call as our Johnite Spirit.

That’s all for now… back to JPL Core Team work…

Follow JPL on Johnknight.in

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