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I miss the warmth of your gentle hug and the love I felt when my arms were wrapped around you. I miss seeing your beautiful smile and the sound of your voice saying my name. I miss our family, without you in it. There is emptiness there, where you once were. I miss you  in moments of sucess, I miss you saying…”this is my grandson” to everyone around and the look of pride you held with each word spoken everytime I did something good..

I miss our evening prayers, but I know you are with our Lord praying for all. Your prayers and sacrifice gave us everything that we have. To pray, To help, To sympathize, To love, To Forgive, To care ….. you taught us all!

And now when I close my eyes and feel the warmth of your gentle hug once more and envision wrapping my arms around you. I see your smile as you say my name. I realize that if I could just go back into my precious memories of you I would find your treasured words and love in a special place deep in my heart.

I miss you but I have to go on with my life till my day comes. What a wonderful day it will be when we finally are reunited at heavens door. Until then my memories of you I will keep near to my heart and I will pass them on to those who are so dear.

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Kayyalackal, Mannar: I reached here today morning. The bus was little late. But managed to reach before 9:30 AM, so could meet Papa and Mummy. This is the First time I’m coming home after our Ammachi (my Grandmother) left us all, to rest in the peace of our Good Lord.

Whenever I think of my house Ammachi’s face used to come to my mind. There were weeks/days when my parents (transfers, trainings etc) were not here… but except a few weeks of hospitalization Ammachi was allways here.
For the past 18 years she was ‘the presence’ which made our home complete.
It has been one month since she left us….
And now…The room is empty… The voice we loved is still… I miss something here… It might sound weird for some of you… But at my home .. I feel quite strange today !!
No, No one can fill that gap that she has left in our hearts… Her prayers were our strength. I can still feel the warmth of her love for us…. I miss you a lot dear Ammachi !!

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