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Papa Mummy 25 years Together.....

together in love since 22nd Feb 1987..

God gave me a blessing,
– He gave me the Best parents….!!!

Papa, There were times when you held my hand,
and that  gave me strength to stand up in life…

Mummy, when I was sick…. I would cry and be up all night,
and then you would cuddle me and spend sleepless nights…

In my life….I have been wrong …. I have been lost,
But you stood by me and showed me the right path…

So I thank you Mummy, and I thank you Papa,
For giving me this beautiful life.
I love you both so much,
And I hope for so many years for you two together.;

Oceans so deep or mountains so high, cannot express my love for you….
Mom, Dad What a blessing the both of you have been to me !!!!

your loving Son,


I have so much to be thankful for, but I would not have any of those blessings if it were not for the blessing of my Mom and Dad loving each other for 25 years.

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I miss the warmth of your gentle hug and the love I felt when my arms were wrapped around you. I miss seeing your beautiful smile and the sound of your voice saying my name. I miss our family, without you in it. There is emptiness there, where you once were. I miss you  in moments of sucess, I miss you saying…”this is my grandson” to everyone around and the look of pride you held with each word spoken everytime I did something good..

I miss our evening prayers, but I know you are with our Lord praying for all. Your prayers and sacrifice gave us everything that we have. To pray, To help, To sympathize, To love, To Forgive, To care ….. you taught us all!

And now when I close my eyes and feel the warmth of your gentle hug once more and envision wrapping my arms around you. I see your smile as you say my name. I realize that if I could just go back into my precious memories of you I would find your treasured words and love in a special place deep in my heart.

I miss you but I have to go on with my life till my day comes. What a wonderful day it will be when we finally are reunited at heavens door. Until then my memories of you I will keep near to my heart and I will pass them on to those who are so dear.

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Feast of St. George, Mannar , Year 2006

At times in Life you realize what you missed only when you actually get it back. After a few months gap again I’m realizing what I have been missing these days. Life always seemed to be pleasant and happy for me by God’s Grace. But there are some things in life which I was very much involved with and to which my heart yells to return to.

Nothing ever brought me joy as much as the moments I spend with my parents at home. Apart from being at home, I just love being at my place, with my people.

The friends from my school, the friends at Sunday school, Guys who worked with me together for many a things in our parish…. Meeting all of them and once again spending ‘quality’ time with them is so nostalgic.

We are celebrating Mother Mary’s Feast at our Parish Church now. This takes me back to my School Days. It was at such occasions and around such people that we guys grew to take up small but responsibilities. Taking in charge of the pavement decoration, putting up a refreshment stall, helping out in the big procession etc. was too BIG for our age then. After going to Bangalore I have been missing all this petit – stuff, though bigger things came my way there.

Yesterday was the first day of festival. Attending the Rosary procession with candles, hundreds of men came seeking the blessings of Mother Mary. Me too relishing the old times with KCYM Pals raised on shoulders the ‘statue of Mother Mary’ …. Enchanting pyrotechnics followed the procession… Like always stood with the friends with lots of chit-chats, unlimited SODA from KCYM stalls and enjoyed a lot. Talks and discussions till wee hours is the only thing I missed yesterday. I had to return home early, definitely because I knew my parents would have been waiting! I could not help helping Dad for setting up the electric decorations at my house too. Because the fact is that I always loved and still love to work with him. (Excuse my laziness at times)

Even at Johns we all work for many a things… wee hours…. Ideas… discussions… execution… everything happens…! But there is always a difference….! Probably I belong to this place more than anywhere else! I just, just love being at HOME!!!

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We never know
Or fully realize
How sweet and kind our parents are,
How gentle and how wise

We simply take for granted,
From day to passing day,
Each sacrifice they make for us
In their own loving way.

But then we grow and finally learn,
The way that children do,
How much their love has really meant,
How thoughtful they’ve been, too –

And so this comes with all the thanks
You both deserve and more.
For there aren’t two dearer parents
Than the one this blog is for,

Happy 24th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

22nd February 2010….

with lots of love,


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The year 2009 was quite wonderful. But I would not call it the best or worst because I believe both are yet to come. Any way at the threshold of a new year I thought I would write about the past year. But then there was too much to write.. So I randomly made up it into 100 points. These include good days. Bad days. Ups, Downs, Achievemnets. People who helped me specially in 2009… This is not a comprehensive list and this does not mean that others and other incidents were not special for me.. It simply means that these are the ones which struck me now… And some names who have been always with me… I have not bothered to include here… Because they are not just special in 2009 alone but were always.. Also included are some facts which I found./ discovered during last 1 year ! (eg no.9)

So here goes 2009 !

  1. New year eve with Charles, Roshan and MAthew, Kochin Dec 31, 2008
  2. New year with Mathew Sebastian at my home.
  3. January – the month of B;days – the BIG PARTY by boys.
  4. Reaching home for Parents wedding Anniversary on 22nd Feb
  5. Christ Fest – In Bloom, the overall came our way
  6. Various fests with my Mad Ads Team – MVJ, KSIT, St. Josephs
  7. MVJ Treasure Hunt with Roshan
  8. The KSIT Incident ! Goonda – car – hit – Rosh – N95 – Police !
  9. Science Fest at JNC – documentary, Debate, Spoof & the disc
  10. 100% winning rate of our team in Icebreaker
  11. Jajaja alias Nitin Yashas – a lucky friend indeed !
  12. The fact that No. 8’s lucky shirt works for me too
  13. Roshan, Jobin, Babush, Yatta, Pranit, Tony – always !
  14. B- mid birthday parties
  15. Johnite Premier League – an idea executed to fullness !
  16. St. Johns Campus Blog – johnknight.in
  17. hours spent with Danny George for BGR work
  18. Release of College Magazine – BGR
  19. Post BGR treat with the Magazine Team at Edge
  20. A potential ‘ragger’ to a member in anti ragging committee
  21. Freshers Day 2009
  22. Committee Election – the drama
  23. Being back stabbed from someone whom I cared.
  24. Day of Committee Election – being elected as the president.
  25. Bought a new Cell phone – lost as well in 2009
  26. Performance with Mad Med Men in Mad Med Mayhem
  27. Inter Class Sports – 2007 Overall Champs
  28. Hockey Finals – 2007 winning
  29. ICC 2009 – Mad Ads, Mock Rock, Collage, Treasure Hunt
  30. Time spent with Nitn Yashas (phone call and chatting included)
  31. My mad ads team being christened as ‘ Mad Med Men Jnrs’
  32. MMM(J) shows – Thalessemia, AIDS, Dr. Mary Olapz, Farewell
  33. Late night practice sections with my team (till 3-4 AM in the mess)
  34. The Pondichery drive with Roshan !
  36. Movie to harihar, 20-20, 2012, Pazhassi, New york etc in theatre with friends
  37. NLS Le Gala (read below – November 21st – quite eventfull)
  38. Starting a personal blog
  39. Go karting with ja ja and Roshan
  40. Saturday Night Paramount Buffets with Davi and Rosh
  41. MicroBiology 2nd Inernals Paper 😮
  42. Vacations and time spent with SKPSians
  43. 2009 Maundy Thursday ‘Pezaha Appam muriakkal’ with everyone,
  44. Papa buying me a handy cam
  45. DNA Paper reports about Mad Med Men Jnrs
  46. Road Trip to Chalakudy – Davis’s House
  47. Ammachi – my Grand mothers death
  48. Christo Thomas – my friend’s death
  49. missing the Parish Feast for the First time (May – ICC Campus Dinner)
  50. The Study leave (Vacation?) in December before Universityat home
  51. Prelims Practicals all subjects
  52. Movies with Dilip – in Thalayolaparambu
  53. Trip with Rosh to Pala and then dropping him at ERKM to watch a movie
  54. Getting Internet BroadBand connection in B-BLOCK
  55. The Committee Meetings
  56. Meeting s with 2009 Batch
  57. The Day before farewell – the confusion and thrill
  58. The Decision to shift the farewell venue
  59. Farewell Dinner 2009
  60. Inauguration of a hostel prayer room. – adorations and holy mass
  61. ‘Palm Sunday’ at St. Thomas
  62. St. Thomas Youth Festival at Dhramram
  63. Onam with Roshan in Kalavara, Bangalore
  64. Onam Lunch with Ani Chettan and Bijo Chettai
  65. Sundays at CST – RRC
  66. Thursday night – Infant Jesus, Vivieknagar
  67. Irritating Babush together with jobin
  68. ‘Kathi’; sessions in my room with our gang
  69. BGLR-KERALA bus trips with Roshan
  70. Telugu movies – at least a hundred of them in 2009 !
  71. Kannada Movie in PVR with Nitin Yashas –raj the show man !
  72. K.V, Kiran – After mass meeting in mannar
  73. Easter celebration and decoration with K.C.Y.M friends.
  74. All Kerala CBSE/ICSE Inter school Quiz by SKPS Alumni
  75. Teachers day – Sept 5, 2009
  76. B’day Papa – Dec 1, 2009
  77. B’day Mummy – Coming late to home with the gift.
  78. College Retreat 2009
  79. Numerous outing with dearest friends
  80. Skit for Patrons day with Fr. Lawrence, Danny, Prabhu, Dr. Kattapa, Dr. moses, Dr. Ganesh, Sr. Beenama and others
  81. Rev. Fr. Archie Farewell
  82. Being made in charge of alumni websites
  83. Dr. Varghese
  84. Dr. Bobby, Dr. Preetesh, Dr. Binu, Dr. Dennis, Dr. Kurain (PMR),
  85. Dr. Reji, Dr. Kuttapa, Dr. Ravi Nayar
  86. Dr. Karuna, Dr. Anuradha, Dr. Usha Kini, Dr. Smitha
  87. Rev. Fr. Lawrence, Rev. Fr, Mathew, Rev. Fr. Prakash,
  88. Dr. Prem Pias, Dr. Sandhya TA
  89. Sr. Saghaya (Sec. ADC), Sr. Spesiosa
  90. All the sisters of my batch
  91. Lavina for all help esp during practicals
  92. Seniors 2003 – Prabhu, Paul ,Danny
  93. 2005 – Vinod, Murtuza, Abey, MD, Joe Jose, Basanth
  94. 2006- Manu, Jyothis
  95. PGs- dr. TomDr. Kurian, Dr. Biju, Dr. Ricahrd, Dr. Mathew David, Dr. Jasmine, Microbiology, Pharmac and Path PGs
  96. B- Mid Corridor Mates !
  97. Treat by SKPS Alumni gen Sec (Naveen) after All Kerala Quiz
  98. Treat by danny and paul to me , ja ja and roshan, before leaving Johns
  99. Go karting in ‘mundu’ on onam day with Danny and JA JA
  100. II nd year UNIVERSITY exams, and a ruined Christmas and spoiled newyear
  101. Not to forget .. I’m 21 now !Sep 15, 2009)

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