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Ayalum Njanum Thammil Review

Usually If I like a movie, I update my FB status and recommend my friends to watch it. That’s it ! So far never made any attempts, to actually write a serious movie review. And finally a movie is making me do so – ‘Ayalum Njanum Thammil’ (Malayalam, which roughly translates as ‘between both of us’).

The sheer driving factor to catch this movie in theater  – the crew of this movie – director Lal Jose, and the script writers Bobby and Sanjay, individuals, who have mesmerized me and many other movie freaks, with their creativity and brilliance, at all their previous attempts.

“This was where Dr. Ravi Tharakan was born” – The protagonist, Dr. Ravi Tharakan (Prithviraj) declares so, at the end of the movie in the misty background of his Rural Bond Center. That one line could faintly summarize the whole movie. The story line completely revolves around a young doctor who graduated from medical college and undertakes two years of rural bond in a picturesque village, much against his personal choice. The kind of medical graduate who could not arrive at a diagnosis or predict the prognosis, Ravi has had a comfortable life till date, being in love and ragging juniors at college. However, at the rural hospital, things were different. At Redemption Hospital in Munnar, he is welcomed by the brilliant, unorthodox medical practitioner, Dr. Samuel (Prathap Pothen). The story is all about how a senior doctor transforms an indifferent young doctor into a committed, responsible person….

how a senior doctor transforms an indifferent young doctor into a committed, responsible person….

As Ravi lands up at the Hospital, even before formal introductions, Dr. Samuel assigns him to evaluate a poly trauma case in the ward. He is asked to do a ‘Log Roll’ test by Dr. Samuel on the patient. Not so sure about this basic medical sign, Dr. Ravi runs to the telephone to ring up his batch mate (Naren) and seeks his help in vain.

Salim Kumar plays the role of ‘a medical college exam case’, in other words a man who makes money out of his disease condition by opting to be the patient for MBBS practical examinations. In a flash back seen, they show Dr. Ravi’s final year practical, where a clueless Ravi is helped by the patient (Salim) himself. “Liver Cirrhosis with Portal Hypertension” declares the patient, while also reminding the future doctor not to miss his ‘Right side indirect Inguinal Hernia’.

There are many such moments in this movie, where a young doctor, can easily identify to his/her life.

The movie throws the message, completing the graduation or doing internship does not make you a Medical man. For there is much to master, beyond text books and bed side clinics, to be a medical practitioner! From learning how to control your emotions to even forfeiting personal benefits for patients sake!

A police inspector (Kalabhavan Mani) who was responsible for a big loss in Dr. Ravi Tharakan’s personal life brings his daughter to the hospital with an acute attack of asthma. The egoistic young doctor in Ravi, refuses to treat the patient even after the inspector literally falls on his feet and apologizes. The response of his senior, Dr. Samuel for this emotional showoff of Dr. Ravi, indeed is a big message to all the budding docs. He slaps Dr. Ravi right on his face, in front of everyone and walks away without uttering a word. A beautiful message on how personal conflicts and rivalries should never come in way of your responsibilities and duties to a patient. How better it could have been depicted?
The movie also throws light on the attitude of lay people to doctors. The same men, who praise you and respect you today, may throw stones on you tomorrow for the slightest negligence from your side. As Dr. Samuel rightly states “A doctor and his decision can change the life of a person forever”.

Being a young doctor, almost nearing completion of internship and facing a similar ‘Rural Bond’ scenario like Dr. Ravi Tharakan, the narrative looked like a sneak preview into future. Still the confusion of “ to be or not to be” bonded remains, but the words of Dr. Ravi Tharakan “Dad, even if you pay 100 times more than that, I will never get to learn, what I learn here” makes one ponder.

Capturing the gist of his latest film, director Lal said to The Hindu : “Merely securing an MBBS degree does not make you a doctor. It is experiences and empathy that turn a medical graduate into a doctor in every sense of the word. Bobby is a perfectionist and he was on location to ensure that we get the medical terms and procedures right. Dr. Tharakan is an irresponsible doctor who finds a mentor in Dr. Samuel, Pratap Pothen’s character, and gradually he understands what it means to be a health practitioner.”

The script-writing pair of Bobby and Sanjay has done an outstanding job. Medicine being a profession very familiar to them, they have once again drafted a brilliant script. Director Lal Jose, does 100% justice to their script and has made it a lovely movie to watch. The lead actors especially Prathap Pothen as Dr. Samuel and Prithviraj as Dr. Ravi Tharakan were outstanding. The rest of the actors, including Narain as Vivek and Samvrutha as Sainu, Remya Nambeesan’s Supriya and Rima’s Diya perfectly jelled with the flow of the movie.

Score 3.5/5

Foot Note:
May be it’s because of the script by a Johnite (Dr. Bobby), the movie and the protagonist somehow carries a Johnite shadow throughout.
Or was it truly, the story of a Johnite???

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