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 After Five and a half years of studies at St. John’s Medical College, We finally graduate !  Thanks to all those who made our life in St. John’s memorable. Here is a copy of the graduation day speech by the valedictorian. 

Dr . Jino Joy with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

” I’m still a nobody. But once I graduated here, I would be a somebody,” one quote from a person I never had a chance to meet and shake hands with.  Well, nice line – great thought which needs a deep understanding.
A pleasant day to all of us – fellow graduates, superiors, parents, teachers and distinguished guests on the dais

These past five years will certainly be memorable to us for a very long time. Although it has taken us only five years to complete MBBS, some of us have aged much more than that with co-morbidities of Diabetes, Hypertension, hair fall and even Kidney Failure.

Whenever there is a life-altering event, a ceremony is used to celebrate that change. Few moments ago, we too had a ceremony to signify our graduation. We realize, once we walk across this stage, our lives will be forever changed, for better or worse, with all the rights and responsibilities of someone with the title of a Doctor.

Although the graduation ceremony is a celebration of the commitment we’ve made to get here, it’s also a reminder of the commitment that life will now demand from us.

Five and half long years at one place!! Whoa what gets accomplished in five years? I don’t know. For my corridor mates, boys, sitting here, I know how much they can accomplish just in one night – especially when the OBG paper is due the next day and they haven’t even started. We know how a week can turn into a year’s worth of Medicine lessons during final exam week. But over five years, the collective experience we have acquired in St. Johns is incomparable to anything in this world. As Dr. Anil Abraham wrote, we might be remembered historically as the batch that brought culture vulture back to campus and kick started many other events and traditions, Geographically as the class that travelled far and wide on their class outings, socially as the batch that had dignified, decent disagreements with their immediate juniors, politically as the batch that had one of the best committee that St. Johns has ever seen- pushy, persistent, productive and fiscally as the batch that won the most prize money in the midst of global recession.

Having said all that, all those achievements and celebrations may fade or even be forgotten. The cheers may become a distant memory and our certificates and medals may gather dust on a shelf or in a drawer. We might forget all that…. But, we will always remember, the tension during ICCs to beat 08,the hype and fall of Mad Med Men in Final year Mad Ads, the Hockey finals against 06, the drama and fights before committee elections, Fr. Mathews ‘Oks ’, days of attendance shortage or pediatric re exams, and even probably the aroma and taste of mess tea.

My dear batch mates, this journey would have been incomplete without you. Now When I look back on all the good, bad, high and low times over the past five and a half years, I realize that you have always been present. Whether it was through a simple text message, phone call, a long mess table talk, or major gossip. You guys pulled each other through, no matter what. So thank you.   I mean this from the bottom of my heart, I wouldn’t have wanted to do or experience any of this without any of you, and I mean all of you.

Graduating is our accomplishment, but we wouldn’t have made it here if it wasn’t for the heroic efforts of our parents and well-wishers . I believe I talk for all my friends here: Thank you, mom, Dad,  for understanding my true call and helping it come true. You brought me up telling me that you want the best for me. Thank you for seeing that my happiness is yours and your happiness is mine. Thank you for dreaming with me. Thank you for raising me to be happy, healthy, motivated, and loved kid. I wouldn’t be here without your support and guidance. This triumph is yours as much as it is mine. I will for sure make you the proudest parents in the world.

The faculty along with the management of this great institution gave us “Freedom and not just permission”. You have all left and will continue to leave an indelible legacy of excellence, achievement and a fine ethos and tradition for generations to come. I would like to pay tribute to the wonderful teachers, alumni and indeed the management – you have all guided, molded and shaped the Ladies and Gentlemen sitting here today. We owe a debt of gratitude to all of you for guiding us throughout our five years at St. Johns and for inspiring us to be just as great medical practioners as you are. We would also like to thank the Executives of St. Johns for helping us find our voice, sharing with us refreshing perspectives and preparing us to challenge everyday norms. You passed along many opportunities our way trusting our capabilities as a batch. Be it Autumn Muse, Jingle Rock, Medex or even this Graduation Day you trusted our judgments and organization skills as a batch.  Hope our batch has made you proud.

When we joined St. John’s Dr.Alka Singh told we have thick skulls which are impermeable. Today we stand here with porous thinner skulls and thicker skin.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” I have faith that each and every one of us in the class of 2007 will forge a new trail. Even though these trails may take us in different directions, our goal will remain the same: to lead a worthwhile life and to become good doctors.

We, the graduates of St. Johns Medical College, with the guidance of our superiors, parents and teachers, have been given the tools to attain this goal. It is now up to each of us to begin creating a new future.

May almighty shower on us his choicest blessings and guide us to creating a new feature.

I would like to thank once again everyone for coming to join us at our graduation ceremony.

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Be thou the Twentieth Muse , much more glorious than the previous Nineteen. (Shaksphere, with a little twist from my Side)

300 days and Still counting ! It has been a tough journey – a roller coaster ride indeed with lots of thrill, enough humps and bumps too in its course. At this point Let me humbly place on record our sincere gratitude to everyone who made this Ride – AUTUMN MUSE 2010 memorable and so successful.

Our beloved Director – Rev. Fr. Lawrence Dsouza from his busy schedule managed to spend hours with us for the success of Muse. We had long meetings and discussions at his office often from March 2010 to analyze each and every step in our Muse. Out of his vast experience he could guide us perfectly on how to manage such a huge event. Having your Director literally on your side especially during crucial moments was a great relif. When about 3000 + people where getting restless outside the gate for Muse Rock as we could not start on time due to Technical errors, Rev. Fr. Director intervened and took a lot of pressure from our shoulders.  We knew our Director and Management were with us. He gave us confidence to manage the commotion and go ahead.  The Result everything was so successful. Rev. Fr. Lawrence always used to remind us “This event is name of St. Johns and we should not let our name go down” And now proudly we can say we kept up to this.

Rev. Fr. Glen Mascheranes, we have troubled him several times with our  doubts about accounting, legal issues and so on. He gave us permission to walk up to him and consult him on any such issue any time. It was our luck and privilege to take tips from this real genius on how to go about sponsorship proposals and accounting for Muse.

Rev. Fr. Immanuel Raj,  silent in Muse Meetings  when we talk our crazy plans, used to add at the end very valid and highly important points which everyone would have missed. And these saved us many a times and showed us the track when we were about to be lost.

Rev. Fr. Prakash was present with us in every single meeting.  He made it a point to take our side always and give confidence every time a doubt on our capacity to go on a bigger scale was raised. Many a times he walked into Lawns during his evening walk to know where the preparations have reached.

Ofcourse, Without our beloved ADC, Autumn Muse 2010 would not happened in this Scale. Right from the first meeting in his office on March 3rd, 2010 with our mentors Rev. Fr. Mathew was involved in Muse thorough out  as much as any of our committee members. We have troubled him a lot with late night phone calls for permissions and what not. It was always last minute that we used to walk into his office and ask for advance money sanctioning, signatures etc. But he never had an issue and all we got was ‘OK’ s to all our plans ! Apart from all this, who will forget the Associate director who didn’t refuse when all the students wanted him to be on the ramp during Muse Hues ! We got our new Students Association Office and the Muse Office (Musuem) only because of Fr. Mathew ! Big Thanks to you from all of us for giving us FREEDOM and trusting us with that.

Dr. Prem Pais, Dr. Sandhya T  Avadhany, Dr. Karuna RameshKumar all were part of our planning process towards Muse from Day 1. Dean used to eagerly enquire about the preparations and sponsor responses. And For the Name of the Festival remaining Still as “AUTUMN MUSE” all the Johnites owe Our Dean .  Dr. Sandhya was kind enough to discuss with us as early as in December 2009, when she prepared the academic calendar and created a window for Muse in August, if we could get the permissions.  At various stages of preparation for Muse, she enquired the progress and encouraged us to do our best. Thanks to her constant reminders we didn’t forget the fact that we are medical Students and have to study also and attend classes in spite of busy Muse work. Dr. Karuna, more than a vice Dean, was a true Autumn Muse Fan when it was conducted in the olden days. We realized that she was one of our strong support from the Faculty side to bring Muse back to Johns in a much refined way.

Our committee was blessed with four excellent and enthusiastic mentors. Often they were beyond the level of teachers, interacting and spending a lot of time with us as if all of them were of our age group and one among us. I’m sure they took Muse to heart as much as we did.

Dr. Kutappa right from making the first monetary contribution to Autumn Muse, he stood with us till the end. Must admit that about half of the Raffles tickets and a good chunk of Muse Rock tickets went through his contacts and that was a big boost initially when we were struggling to get enough money. Also when we ran out of money he offered even his credit card to make several important on spot payments. Without considering his health condition he always took the Extra bit to help us. We learned that he cancelled his UK trip also for being with us during our tough times before Muse. I recollect 4 days before Muse he was admitted in Hospital and when I went to meet him, he wanted me to give him few More Muse Rock tickets so that he could sell those to friends who are visiting him. Finally, much against his Cardiologist’s advice he came for Muse Rock 2010 and stayed throughout just to help us and ensure that the show goes on well ! Hats off to you Sir !

Dr. Anuradha Ananthamurthy always made it a point to ensure that we have a proper plan before we commit to any proposal what so ever. She listened carefully to our plans and then gave her suggestions at each point. Even when we got busy and failed to update she used to make the extra effort to ring us and follow up the progress.

Dr. Nachiket Shankar, our favourite right from First Year became our Mentor and that made all of us even closer to him. We used to look upon him for those extra guts to take bold decisions at times. He filled us with courage to face criticism and deal people who were trying to demoralize us at various stages. We all had a great comfort level with him and often could be free as if we were with an elder brother. He ensured that we account everything for the sake of future batches also and insisted on sending him mails on minutes and abstracts of each meeting. I’m sure this would help all the future committees, because from our mistakes there are a lot to be learned.

Dr. Mary Varghese took care of us like how a mother would do. At certain times, when we were over exerting ourselves, pushing ourselves to the limits… Dr. Mary used to intervene and reminded us to take care of our health and state. Her phone calls reassuring us that things will be all right made a lot of difference. There are days in which I thought few of us might go into some nervous break down. If it was not for Dr.Mary’s presence at those trouble times things would have been different. She got worried when people around were criticizing and questioning our credibility. She had full confidence in us that we would pull this out somehow. Believe Me, Only Mothers trust you this much. She was our source of all the optimism we had !

Dr. Binu Joy and Dr. Anil Abraham two veteran Johnites were adopted as our ‘Muse Mentors’ by the batch of 2007. Since then they both were with us and our actual Committee mentors working towards the Big Goal.

Binu Joy and Jino Joy the rhyme in names may be just a coincidence but the common interests and also common ailments (diagnosed Hypertension during Commettieship) made us bond together in this work. I haven’t talked over phone for such long hours to no other faculty member in Johns. Hour long discussions at various occasions often changed the course of Muse Preparations.  Being a Johnite to the core and more over a very successful General Secreatry in the past who conducted one of the best and biggest muses in history, he was the right person to take opinions from. It’s said ‘Strike the Iron when it is hot’. Dr. Binu was the perfect man who could tell us when to Strike. We struck and it worked.

Dr. Anil Abraham – ‘Al’ ways a Johnite was the Faculty Mentor of our Sponsorship Secretary and as the Muse Work started became a mentor for all of us too. We experienced his support and guidance in all the events our committee organized and especially our Muse. Not to forget the huge sponsorship amount he got in, single handedly through his contacts. These promises gave us confidence to scale up our fest even without having a big brand initially with us. Also, he constantly reminded us about the importance of Scoring Marks in the Internal Examinations and ‘prove a point’ to many. Thanks to his daily inspirational messages, we all managed to do quite well in our Internals that came few weeks before Muse.

Dr. Varghese, Mr. Appanna, Mr. RajaRao, and their team were in charge of the security and general discipline. All credit to them for managing it so well. On a personal note, Dr. Varghese was like a mentor for me who helped me handle various problems and people that I had to face during Muse Work and even otherwise.

The chairman of Staff Council Dr. Ravi Nair, Dr. Reji Koshy, Dr. Bobby Joseph, Dr. Arun Shet were few others who were always available for us with their support and advice.

On the sponsorship front, Dr. Anura Kurapad the man behind the name ‘Autumn Muse’ , gave the contacts to our title sponsors to christen muse this time as – ‘Pepsico Autumn Muse’. Dr. Mosses Dsouza coordinated a lot of Pharmacology Companies for us and also got in our co-sponsors Caffe Mateo.  Dr. Andrew Vaisnaik was our contact point to Titan Fast Track (Co-Sponsors). Dr. Andrew always occupied a special place in the hearts of 2007 Batch Johnites for the special care and affection he has shown to our batch.

Dr. G. D. Raveendran, Dr. Brian Martis, Dr. Carol Dsouza, The UK Alumni Chapter, The Alumni from 1983 Batch,  Dr. Dominic, Dr. Preetesh are names to mention a few among Johnites who helped us in organizing Autumn Muse this year.

Our Physical Director Mr. Ramanujappa and his men ensured the success of all the sports events. Even when there was a lack of communication on our side, he handled the sports arrangements most efficiently. Preparing Grounds at two completely different venues was not at all an easy task. With limited staff, time and resources he did a great job.

Muse 2010 was possible because of the support of lot of other people in Johns. Sr. Sahaya, Secretary to ADC with all the help and the valuable prayers was part of our team indeed. All the staff from ADC Office, Directors Office and Deans Office made our life much easier with their helping hands and good will. Sr. Spesiosa and her team at the Students Section special thanks for acting as the crucial links for many official works in administration. Also it was for her kind heart that we could use the Museum as our Muse Office.

Handling about Rupees 30 Lakhs and keeping track of that was not at all an easy task. We were particular in accounting every single rupee and that would not have been possible without the support of Mr. James and Team from Accounts Section. Mr. Mathew , Mr. George and their team from Estate section ensured the electricity, maintenance works,  transport arrangements etc. were done in time. Not to forget the other staff, contract workers, Mess Staff, Drivers, Security Staff etc.

Mr. Francis from Total Productions took care of our Stage, Light and Sound Settings and made our fest an audio visual treat by bringing in the latest and most sophisticated processors, consoles and light sets.  A good friend, a humble human being – Francis, it was our privilege to work with you. Mr. Satish and Team (Arjun Electricals) and Mr. Ahamad (Buzzintown – Ticket Partners) also were ready to help us in all possible way to conduct the best show in town.

Big thanks to Parkrama and Avial for graciously accepting our Invitation and performing for us at Muse Rock 2010. Mr. Subir Malik and Mr. Aditya Jha who represented these bands were kind enough to adjust with our limitations and even slash their rates for St. Johns specially.

Among our sponsors a big round of applause for Ms. Swetha from Pepsi who flew down from Delhi only to vitness and attend our fest. Mr. ParthaSarathi (Mac Sterling Group), Mr. Aravind Padhi (UB Group), Mr. Prashanth(Kingfisher Airlines), Mr. Anshool (Fast Track). Thank you all for helping Muse make happen in a big way.

Well, Muse would not have been possible without the support of my fellow Johnites. All the batches came together and worked keeping all the fights and egos away for the college fest. This was something which never happened in the history. Thank you all !

Thank you batch of 2007 and my dear committee members for giving your 100% for Muse. As the designated leader I used to demand a lot from you all in terms of work and your time. Blame it on my Hypertension I was really short tempered especially on the days of Muse. There were incidents when I had shouted at few but big thanks for understanding me then. Special thanks to Avian, Nitin, Andrew, Davis, Swathi, Roshan and Joseph. Avian I appreciate your patience that you showed while working with me. Nitin the Cul Sec had to manage more than just Cultural Events including Security Issues, Sponsorship Deals, Press and Media handling etc.  That was too much of contribution from a typhoid stricken Cultural Secretary. Andrew and Davis, along with few others had to be present for all the brainstorming sessions is B-206 prior to Muse. Apart from all the general work and help, they managed Alympics so fantastically making it even bigger than the cultural Fest. Swathi, had no option but to sit and learn Corel Draw prior to Muse.  She had to coordinate the decoration team, bring out newsletters every day and finally Post Muse took up the tedious task of bringing out this Souvenir. The Mess boys Joseph and Roshan managed the stalls with out any mess. Kudos ! Really proud to be the President of such a wonderful team !!!!

Manu Abraham (2006), the 2009-10 president gladly accepted to be the co-organizing chairman for the Fest and found time even during his final year studies for Muse. Pranit Raj(07) and Ravikanth Reddy (06 ,Vice – President) managed the accounts with professionalism. They had to sacrifice all the fun and excitement to do their work because they had to be in the accounts room on all 4 days.

Anoop, Ryan, Babush, Jobin, Mathew, Abel, Maridas, Macky, Royson, Milen, Roshni, Henry, Abhilash and others ensured the sports went on smoothly. There were no issues from the Sports Complex that bothered me ever. Jeeson and Jeffry were in charge of all the Printing. Right from the brilliant back drop to  the daily newsletters they ensured everything were done in time and properly. Annie, Lavina, Serin, Krupa,Chris, Priyanka, Priya, Nayanthara at the registration desk did a wonderful Job. Thanu, with hospitality cordiantion and Sneha at Announcers Desk also played their parts perfectly. Florence coordinated the Food Stalls work with her ‘Mal’ Boys – Roshan and Joseph. The target of one lakh from stalls was put in front of them two days before Muse and well, they got in much more than that in no time.  Pre Muse, the invites and pre invites which were send were coordinated by Annie, Anna, Chris and others.   From 2008 Batch Sharan, Anand John, Victor,  Henry Kurian, Aubery, Bharadwaj, Anna, Nobin, Jobin and others worked with us for the success of Muse at various stages. Pravin, Anna , Samrat, Shanti, Liza and many others worked with Swathi and Victor to create  all the wonderful pieces of Decoration. Thanks to all help from my baby juniors – batch of 2009, especially backing up when we got busy with Internal Exams and Chap.  Cheers to Roshan, Gitanjali, Kurian, Jerry, Karan, Carl, Emmanuel, Nikhil, Amit and others!!

Sheldon, the sponsorship secretary deserves a special mention for his brilliant coordination with the sponsors. He did the research, got the contacts, scheduled meetings, did follow ups and everything that had to be done to get the BIG money come in. All that I had to do was to prepare the presentations and go do the talking part as per the fixed appointments. The graceful presence of Priyanka and of a cranky Cultural Secreatry Nitin made our sponsorship team complete.

Specially remembering and thanking the sisters of my batch who prayed a lot for all of us and came forward to do all the possible help from their side especially on the days of Festival.

Batch of 2005 (My Committee) and Batch of 2003 (My Grand Committee) along with other seniors of 2002, 2004 were always there to correct and guide us. Specially acknowledging  Abey(05),   Arun Jude (05), Tony(04), Murtuza(05), Paul (03), Sendhil (03), Glen (03), Prabhu (03), Danny(03), Nikhil (06) and others. Also thanking  ‘the drummer boy’ Dr. Alex Manoj Mathews for all his support and for the wonderful opening act at Muse Rock 2010.

Hmmm…. Already this article has gone too long….   I wish I could write here many other names here and write about all their help individually.  But I have to restrict myself here. Please know that all of you were important to us and together we made MUSE Possible. Now I’m truly convinced by the good old saying ‘Team work Makes Dreams work’.

I have no words to describe how blessed we were by the ALL MIGHTY. Thanking HIM for the choicest blessings He showered. The divine intervention was felt at each stage. Everything during Muse was just falling into place on its own often. This was nothing but the grace of Almighty. Thank you Dear God, for blessing us so abundantly. All Praise and Honor to thee !

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Published: Sunday, Aug 22, 2010, 1:10 IST
By Maitreyee Boruah | Place: Bangalore | Agency: DNA

Rock concerts and fashions shows are passé. As far as college fests are concerned, taking the lead is St Joseph’s College, it will host its annual festival ‘Visages’ in September.

“Over the years, college festivals across Bangalore are focusing more on Western culture. We have nothing against it,” said Clement D’Souza, student welfare officer of St Joseph’s College, adding, “but, our college is making an attempt to bring to light the best of Indian culture and tradition, since last year.”

In a bid to connect with the ‘other India’, they will invite students
from rural and government colleges from across Karnataka to participate in ‘Visages’.

“This time we will lay emphasis on different traditional and folk music, from various parts of the country,” said D’Souza. The festival is also seen as a platform to bring into the spotlight themes like “unity and nationalism among fellow Indians through different events”, he said.

Recently, St John’s Medical College celebrated the 20th edition of ‘Autumn Muse’, and invited students from various parts of India, as a part of its national integration programme.

“Around 10,000 students from at least 100 colleges from various parts of the country participated in the four-day long event,” said Jino Joy, president, St John’s Medical College Students’ Association.

“The idea is to use college fests as a platform to interact and spend time with students from across the country, he said. A Mount Carmel College teacher said that the college had tried to bring in more traditional elements into its annual festival ‘Cul-Ah’.

Two-month old Jain College, Jayanagar which concluded its first fest ‘Udbhava’ on Wednesday, college authorities said, “It had a good mélange of Indian and western programmes.”

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24: FEB :2010 , 6:30 PM

Breaking records is no big deal for this little man from Mumbai. Cricket is his passion ! Often called the God Of Indian Cricket. This master blaster is here to justify all the tags ! Yeah ! Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar just scored a double century against South Africa at Gwalior in the 2nd ODI. As Millions of eyes glued on the television screens and thousands in the stadium witnessed the genius of world cricket took a single and reached the magic figure.

We are indeed lucky to be in the present when Sachin Tendulkar is dominating the world Cricket. Where are the people who told it’s time for him to retire? Where are the smart news reporters and columnists who wrote it is the end of Sachin’s era? This one was for all of them. Sachin was so young today that it looked like Sachin’s era has just begun ! At a strike rate of 139.0, getting to the best ever score in International Cricket ,never looked like a herculean task for this man. He just sailed through brilliantly. Oh Boy !! It was a fest for the eyes. Shots all over ! punishing every single bowler. I bet no South African player would ever forget this innings. Be not surprised if any of them complain like Shane Warne that they see Sachin as a nightmare.

Sachin is on a dream run. Almost all the record in world cricket was tagged in his name long back. And now so he is into the business of creating new records. What a form he is in ! After four consecutive test centuries and a recent 175 mammoth against   Australia….. this one against South Africa ! Read those lines again, it’s not Bangladesh or Zimbabwe. We are talking about Australia and South Africa. Oye Sachin ! Oye !!

And Team India commendable performance and back up. Dinesh Karthik scoring to 70’s Dhoni in 60’s and Pathans quick 36, gave India the extra momentum to reach 401-3.  I have made this post just after Sachin’s Innings It does not at this point of time really bother me or rather does not bother at least a million of other fans, whether South Africa would make up to that target. For us It is SACHIN and just Sachin !! For at least some time we saw people even abusing Dhoni who was actually playing well for India’s sake but was not giving Tendulkar strike in the last three overs. Another moment of tension was when Sachin ran for a second run when he was in 170’s and just manged to get back to the crease !

I feel jealous of the spectators at Gwalior, who watched this great innings live in the stadium.  But definitely watching the same in St. Johns Medical College Recreation Room was no less fun either. It was just about being wild once Sachin crossed 170. Myself, Nitin and a few other friends were supposed to go and cheer for my batch team who was playing an Inter Class Volleyball Match. I feel glad that I missed the Volleyball Match. If not I would not have witnessed history in making……

Thank you Sachin for being in the game making such a huge presence in our times !

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in news???

DNA Daily - Bangalore Edition

Malayalam Daily

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The year 2009 was quite wonderful. But I would not call it the best or worst because I believe both are yet to come. Any way at the threshold of a new year I thought I would write about the past year. But then there was too much to write.. So I randomly made up it into 100 points. These include good days. Bad days. Ups, Downs, Achievemnets. People who helped me specially in 2009… This is not a comprehensive list and this does not mean that others and other incidents were not special for me.. It simply means that these are the ones which struck me now… And some names who have been always with me… I have not bothered to include here… Because they are not just special in 2009 alone but were always.. Also included are some facts which I found./ discovered during last 1 year ! (eg no.9)

So here goes 2009 !

  1. New year eve with Charles, Roshan and MAthew, Kochin Dec 31, 2008
  2. New year with Mathew Sebastian at my home.
  3. January – the month of B;days – the BIG PARTY by boys.
  4. Reaching home for Parents wedding Anniversary on 22nd Feb
  5. Christ Fest – In Bloom, the overall came our way
  6. Various fests with my Mad Ads Team – MVJ, KSIT, St. Josephs
  7. MVJ Treasure Hunt with Roshan
  8. The KSIT Incident ! Goonda – car – hit – Rosh – N95 – Police !
  9. Science Fest at JNC – documentary, Debate, Spoof & the disc
  10. 100% winning rate of our team in Icebreaker
  11. Jajaja alias Nitin Yashas – a lucky friend indeed !
  12. The fact that No. 8’s lucky shirt works for me too
  13. Roshan, Jobin, Babush, Yatta, Pranit, Tony – always !
  14. B- mid birthday parties
  15. Johnite Premier League – an idea executed to fullness !
  16. St. Johns Campus Blog – johnknight.in
  17. hours spent with Danny George for BGR work
  18. Release of College Magazine – BGR
  19. Post BGR treat with the Magazine Team at Edge
  20. A potential ‘ragger’ to a member in anti ragging committee
  21. Freshers Day 2009
  22. Committee Election – the drama
  23. Being back stabbed from someone whom I cared.
  24. Day of Committee Election – being elected as the president.
  25. Bought a new Cell phone – lost as well in 2009
  26. Performance with Mad Med Men in Mad Med Mayhem
  27. Inter Class Sports – 2007 Overall Champs
  28. Hockey Finals – 2007 winning
  29. ICC 2009 – Mad Ads, Mock Rock, Collage, Treasure Hunt
  30. Time spent with Nitn Yashas (phone call and chatting included)
  31. My mad ads team being christened as ‘ Mad Med Men Jnrs’
  32. MMM(J) shows – Thalessemia, AIDS, Dr. Mary Olapz, Farewell
  33. Late night practice sections with my team (till 3-4 AM in the mess)
  34. The Pondichery drive with Roshan !
  36. Movie to harihar, 20-20, 2012, Pazhassi, New york etc in theatre with friends
  37. NLS Le Gala (read below – November 21st – quite eventfull)
  38. Starting a personal blog
  39. Go karting with ja ja and Roshan
  40. Saturday Night Paramount Buffets with Davi and Rosh
  41. MicroBiology 2nd Inernals Paper 😮
  42. Vacations and time spent with SKPSians
  43. 2009 Maundy Thursday ‘Pezaha Appam muriakkal’ with everyone,
  44. Papa buying me a handy cam
  45. DNA Paper reports about Mad Med Men Jnrs
  46. Road Trip to Chalakudy – Davis’s House
  47. Ammachi – my Grand mothers death
  48. Christo Thomas – my friend’s death
  49. missing the Parish Feast for the First time (May – ICC Campus Dinner)
  50. The Study leave (Vacation?) in December before Universityat home
  51. Prelims Practicals all subjects
  52. Movies with Dilip – in Thalayolaparambu
  53. Trip with Rosh to Pala and then dropping him at ERKM to watch a movie
  54. Getting Internet BroadBand connection in B-BLOCK
  55. The Committee Meetings
  56. Meeting s with 2009 Batch
  57. The Day before farewell – the confusion and thrill
  58. The Decision to shift the farewell venue
  59. Farewell Dinner 2009
  60. Inauguration of a hostel prayer room. – adorations and holy mass
  61. ‘Palm Sunday’ at St. Thomas
  62. St. Thomas Youth Festival at Dhramram
  63. Onam with Roshan in Kalavara, Bangalore
  64. Onam Lunch with Ani Chettan and Bijo Chettai
  65. Sundays at CST – RRC
  66. Thursday night – Infant Jesus, Vivieknagar
  67. Irritating Babush together with jobin
  68. ‘Kathi’; sessions in my room with our gang
  69. BGLR-KERALA bus trips with Roshan
  70. Telugu movies – at least a hundred of them in 2009 !
  71. Kannada Movie in PVR with Nitin Yashas –raj the show man !
  72. K.V, Kiran – After mass meeting in mannar
  73. Easter celebration and decoration with K.C.Y.M friends.
  74. All Kerala CBSE/ICSE Inter school Quiz by SKPS Alumni
  75. Teachers day – Sept 5, 2009
  76. B’day Papa – Dec 1, 2009
  77. B’day Mummy – Coming late to home with the gift.
  78. College Retreat 2009
  79. Numerous outing with dearest friends
  80. Skit for Patrons day with Fr. Lawrence, Danny, Prabhu, Dr. Kattapa, Dr. moses, Dr. Ganesh, Sr. Beenama and others
  81. Rev. Fr. Archie Farewell
  82. Being made in charge of alumni websites
  83. Dr. Varghese
  84. Dr. Bobby, Dr. Preetesh, Dr. Binu, Dr. Dennis, Dr. Kurain (PMR),
  85. Dr. Reji, Dr. Kuttapa, Dr. Ravi Nayar
  86. Dr. Karuna, Dr. Anuradha, Dr. Usha Kini, Dr. Smitha
  87. Rev. Fr. Lawrence, Rev. Fr, Mathew, Rev. Fr. Prakash,
  88. Dr. Prem Pias, Dr. Sandhya TA
  89. Sr. Saghaya (Sec. ADC), Sr. Spesiosa
  90. All the sisters of my batch
  91. Lavina for all help esp during practicals
  92. Seniors 2003 – Prabhu, Paul ,Danny
  93. 2005 – Vinod, Murtuza, Abey, MD, Joe Jose, Basanth
  94. 2006- Manu, Jyothis
  95. PGs- dr. TomDr. Kurian, Dr. Biju, Dr. Ricahrd, Dr. Mathew David, Dr. Jasmine, Microbiology, Pharmac and Path PGs
  96. B- Mid Corridor Mates !
  97. Treat by SKPS Alumni gen Sec (Naveen) after All Kerala Quiz
  98. Treat by danny and paul to me , ja ja and roshan, before leaving Johns
  99. Go karting in ‘mundu’ on onam day with Danny and JA JA
  100. II nd year UNIVERSITY exams, and a ruined Christmas and spoiled newyear
  101. Not to forget .. I’m 21 now !Sep 15, 2009)

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Me too a Mad Med Men (3M)………..

DNA NewspaperAn article titled’ Would-be docs stage plays to promote health issues’ was published by the DNA Daily on Dec. 4 ,2009 about the Mad Med Men Jnrs. of St. Johns Medical College (my team).

Click the link below to read the full story


Bangalore: Here’s a amateur theatre group but with a social purpose. The group named Mad Med Men Juniors, uses the medium of theatre to spread awareness about various health issues like Thalassemia and childhood obesity, among others. The young minds behind these plays are not from any drama school, but from St Johns Medical College, a prestigious medical college of the city. “We believe that laughter is the best medicine. We have been involved in spreading social awareness about various issues through our mimes, skits, plays, etc and most of the times we convey our message through humour,” said Nitin Yashas, a member of the team. It’s their underlying theme of their drama that the unconventional name of the groupattempts to convey, Nitin added. For the nine members — Jino Joy, Nitin Yashas, Jobin Jose, Babush Jose, Roshan Valentine, Jeson John, Joseph Eugene, Nidhin Varghese and Arut Chezian — theatre is an art form that is supposed to give back something to the society. “Mad Med Men was originally formed by the batch of 2003.They have been our inspiration,” said Jino Joy, a student of St Johns Medical College. And in the past few months, the activities of the team had brought smiles on the faces of many children. “Along with the department of community medicine, we performed a skit at Madiwala High School which reflected on the causes behind childhood obesity and ways to deal with it,” said Roshan Valentine. The team focuses on issues of everyday life. “We choose simple language and try to bring in scenes with which the children can relate to. For example, the childhood obesity skit tells the story of a boy who keeps sitting in a couch and keeps gorging on chips, snacks etc,” said Babush Jose. According to the members, the difficult part is to maintain the comic tone in the play. “Performing this skit also gave us a chance to understand more about HIV pre-test and post-test counselling. Though the content was more technical, we took care not to compromise on humour,” said Jobin Jose.

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