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india_00006140We are Indians, we take pride in finding fault with every single thing in this country but never get enough time to fix them. We are Indians, We seem to cheer for our nation only when there are cricket matches, but have no shame in betting for or fixing up those matches. We are Indians, We claim to fight against caste system day and night, but demand for every single reservation possible. We are Indians, We flood Facebook, twitter and even google plus, with patriotic posts prior to Independence Day, but use the same media to insult and deface our country in front of the world.

We are Indians,We are proud of our monuments and heritage when we describe them to a foreign colleague or delegate, but enjoy writing our names on those walls and takes pride in painting them with our pee. We are Indians, We crib about falling value of Rupee and inflammation, but adopt illegal methods to  avoid taxes and VAT.  We are Indians, we call for a strike (bandh or hartal) on every petrol-diesel price hike, but will never stop using cars for 2kms office/market drive nor practice car pooling/public transport.

We are Indians, We protest on the streets and on social media when a woman is raped, but still find cheap thrill in eve teasing women around us. We are Indians, We complain everyday about lack of cleanliness and garbage piles on our roads, but we still spit on roads and throw waste lavishly out of our cars or buses onto the roads. We are Indians, We claim top positions in world’s best companies and organizations, but forget to get investments or to start big ventures in our country. We are Indians, we pretend to be unhappy with politics and politicians but never dare to stand for elections or support a new party. We are Indians, we do hunger strikes at Jantar Mandir and walk around the streets with candles in hand to stop corruption, but prefers to pay 100 Rs bribe to the cop and getaway when caught for a violation on road.

We are Indians, We claim to be patriotic and pretend to be in love with the country, but do nothing absolutely for a better India !

Let us make a change starting with the place we study, work or live and march towards a better India.
Its time we listen to Vivekanda’s exhortation: “Let us all work hard, my brethren; this is no time for sleep. On our work depends the coming of the India of the future. She is there ready waiting. She is only sleeping. Arise and awake, and see her seated here, on her eternal throne, rejuvenated, more glorious than she ever was — this motherland of ours.”

A thousand problems plague India today. Feigning ignorance or mocking will bring about no revolution. The emerging youth of India, well-educated, capable of looking beyond petty issues and adept to make informed decisions, is expected to take nation forward and rid her of the feeling of malaise. Whether you feel you are the shepherd or the sheep, it makes no difference as the path to be dread upon is the same. Arise, Awake Let us stop cursing darkness, but light a candle !!!

For all the rest of you, it is just, “Happy Independence day” again !

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Are you upset with the inflation? Are you worried about the corruption in India? Do you think Bin-Laden deserved better? Are you against Iran’s nuclear policy?  Do you feel Obama is partial? Upset with your company management? Are you a student punished by your school teacher ‘unnecessarily’? Worried about the Hole in Ozone Layer? Global warming? Team India’s Loss? Mourning on Some Bandit kings/queens death?

Wondering on how to make your voice heard???

Perplexed on how to get support for a ‘proposed strike’???

Confused on how to make your strike a huge success???

Good Bye to all your Fears !

Do you want to Strike ? Forget the cause ! Let it be anything… Bring it on!!!

We will ensure

  • You are heard over an area of 38,863 km2 (15,005 sq mi)
  • 100% participation of about 32,000,000 people
  • Success of your Strike!

Wondering who we are?

We are The Malayalis, from the so called ‘God’s Own Country’ – Kerala in South India.


Kerala in South India. bordered by Karnataka to the north and northeast, Tamil Nadu to the east and south, and the Arabian Sea on the west.

What we do ???

We  strike for you. We protest for you.  No questions ! No bargains ! Your cause can be anything under the sun. We will do it for you.  In our terms – we will do a ‘harthal’ on your behalf !

Major cities which can be involved?

Thiruvananthapuram, state capital, Kochi and Kozhikode are other major cities. Also all other District Head quarters can be involved. You may opt to customize your strike limited to certain cities, towns or villages based on your requirements.

Forget the Cause ! Lets strike !!

Salient Features:

  • World wide attention as, Kerala is a top tourist spot. National Geographic’s Traveler magazine names Kerala as one of the “ten paradises of the world”. So the visitors and tourists who get held up here, on your strike day, will carry back ‘fond memories’, thus giving your cause a global exposure! Think about it… a strike in the ‘paradise;’ for your ‘cause’
  • Kerala has the highest Human Development Index in India, slightly higher than that of most developed countries. Ever thought about it? Getting the people with the one of the highest HDI in world take part in a strike for ‘your’ cause?
  • The state has the highest literacy rate in India with 99 percent. Well, now no one can say you just got some illiterate morons to protest for you.
  •  First e-literate state in India. The youngsters here will be quick in sharing the news of your strike within seconds through World Wide Web and social networking. In fact  e-cards and FB wishes like “Happy Harthal” will be circulated free of Cost !
  • Hospitals, Banks, Schools are present in almost all the villages. So you can ensure your strike reaches the ‘soul of India’ – ‘the villages’.
  • Kerala hosts two major political alliances: the United Democratic Front (India) (UDF—led by the Indian National Congress) and the Left Democratic Front (Kerala) (LDF—led by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI(M)).Strikes, protests and marches are ubiquitous in Kerala due to the comparatively strong presence of labor unions. Government, Police Force and Public Servants will be at your service to ensure a ‘smooth and hassle free’ Strike or Harthal.
  • The state treasury has suffered loss of thousands of millions of rupees thanks to the state staging over 100 hartals annually in recent times. A record total of 223 hartals were observed in 2006, resulting in a revenue loss of over 2000 crore. So never bother about the financial problems of people or government here. Nobody cares! We are used to it !
  • Kerala has 145,704 kilometres (90,536 mi) of roads (4.2% of India’s total). This translates to about 4.62 kilometres (2.87 mi) of road per thousand population, compared to an all India average of 2.59 kilometres (1.61 mi). Virtually all of Kerala’s villages are connected by road. So your strike and its impact will reach out to a larger area by blocking these roads.
  • The National Family Health Survey – 3, conducted in 2007 ranked Kerala as a state with the highest media exposure in India. Dozens of newspapers are published in Kerala, in nine major languages, but principally Malayalam and English. All these newspapers will carry the news about your proposed harthal or strike right from the day you announce. A special reminder on the day in the front page will be done for free. Thanks to the Malyali’s habit of reading newspaper daily. No one will miss this news! A post-strike coverage with color photos and special reports might follow, if you care to make your strike more interesting.
  •  Multi system operators provide a mix of Malayalam, English and international channels via cable television. Right from state owned Dooradarshan to other private news and entertainment channels will screen your press conference ‘Live’ and will do free “Scrolls” and “Breaking News” regarding your Hartal. On the day of your strike they might also take up a talk show or a debate cum discussion. Be preaperd to appear for at least 20-30 ‘Live Phone in Programs’ on these channels (YOU WONT BE CHARGED FOR ALL THIS 🙂 ). More publicity than you can ever imagine for you and your Cause!
  • Last but not the least, for the people here; neither your cause, nor your political/social/religious background is important. You would be surprised again to know that the men and women here will gladly sit at home for even the ‘silliest’ cause you can give them. They will never ask you or ask themselves about the benefits they get from the strike!!!! And will NEVER EVER fail to respond to your exhortation!

Details of People strength for your cause:-

About 31,841,374 people will support you irrespective of what your cause is.

Males : 15,471,420

Females : 16,369,955

 Assured participation rate – 100%

Just think …..about 32,000,000 people  will be supporting you just like that, with a people spread of 820 people every km²,!!!

What you have to do ???

Nothing much!!!  If you can afford and have enough time try calling a press meet 2 days before the proposed strike for best results.  The efficient Kerala media will do the rest.

Don’t have enough time for all that? Ok! Fine! Just give a ring to minimum 3 channels and 3 newspapers! Before you know, your strike will happen with 100% participation and in minutes you will be a media celebrity!

You need not hire men to protest or stop vehicles or throw stones, you will be surprised by the number of random volunteers coming from nowhere to support the ‘unknown’ cause !




Make your Hartal more special with our 'custom made' effects

Foot Note:-

For special Effects viz. Belting stones, burning effigies, vandalizing public properties etc . Contact trade unions or local parties in advance. Standard Charges Apply.Inform police department in advance for Water Canons, Cane Chase etc.
Big Thanks to Google Image search and the artist for the images. Credit to Wikipedia for the Facts and Figures quoted. And Most importantly thanks to the guys who called for an all India Strike Today, mkaing me so jobless and bored ! 
 on 28th February 2012, from Kerala, India

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Success Tips Part 1

Many books come out advising people on how to be successful ! Here are few tips which I found useful and which I try and practice in my life.  This is my perception, you may differ because everyone thinks differently.

1. To be a winner  you need to be sure that you are one. Losers might think you have delusions of grandeur, but the fact remains that unless you think and live like a winner you will never become one.

2. Attitude – Get it right. Learn to ignore comments and unworthy criticisms. Show the world what you are.

3. Look into the eyes – while talking to people, look directly into their eyes. Never put your head down unless you have done something bad.

4. Accept your mistakes even before someone points it out and rectify them. Never leave too much room for others to enter into your territory because of your flaws and mistakes.

5. There is no mistake in talking about yourself. Provided, you have enough to talk about. Otherwise just keep your mouth shut. In this new world, very rarely others would talk for you.

6. To make others talk about your plus points, you may start talking about them. Put some words of encouragement, acknowledge their good work etc.

7. Never expect anything back from anyone. Do things because you feel the other person deserves it and it if it is justified. Give respect and take respect.

8. Have lot of friends. But do not make everybody close to you. Have a bunch of good friends whom you trust to share your tensions and secrets.

9. Always anticipate that somebody might back-stab you. If someone does, never bother much, but plan in advance how to come out and just execute the plan.  If it is a dear friend, give him chances to come back to you. And still he chooses to be against you, leave the issue and move forward, because you are born to win. Surprise people with your anticipation skills.

10. Rumors and Gossips about you….??? just enjoy them with a light heart.  Let you be the point of discussion among others always.  That shows that you can influence the thoughts of even your opponents.  Never Bother to retaliate. Because doing so is like throwing mud up and waiting for that to fall on you.

11. Having a bunch of winners around you as your friends makes you stronger. Encourage each other and finish the race together.

12. Having a bunch of losers around you is also recommended, because in a competition somebody should be there to finish last when you and your friends are the winners.

13. People say ‘Early Bird Catches the worm’ But according to me: Be just on time. Never be early, Never be too late for anything. Waiting is the most unfruitful thing you can do. But of course, enjoy waiting for your best friends or dear ones. But never in your professional life.

14. Be spontaneous and innovative. Any moron can come up with ideas if you give him a life time. But to be a winner in this new world you need to be fast and think out of the box.

15. Allow people to Judge you and your work. But finally if you decide to make a change you should be first convinced about the judges and judgment.

16. Hang around with birds of the same feather. A lot of positive support will cheer you up and enhance the quality of your life.

17. Once in a while hang around with friends who have different tastes also. Because you need to know about others also to be a winner/leader.

18. Keep your trust in God. Have a good spiritual life and dedicate enough time for The Almighty and indulge in charity work.

19. Never bother about saving each and every paisa. Allow your purse to leak once in a while. Some Donations, hosting a party for friends, buying someone a gift etc. will never push you down. Watch out for the brownie points to be earned in life. Because you cannot and should not live as an individual only. Think about the people around you always.

20. Do not worry about people who don’t like you. But care about all the people who are with you and keep the doors open for everyone. Remember in life there is nothing like lifelong enemies.

21. Allways have something to do or something to look forward to. Never sit idle and gossip like losers. Plan your career and life in advance but anticipate twists and the worst outcomes also.

22.  Don’t get tensed by whatsoever. Remember the main difference between a winner and loser is this one. Even if a loser has done all his work the night before his interview/test/presentation he will get tensed up and perform average. A born winner even if the effort put in is less, because of his cool approach will succeed more often.

23. Fortune favours the brave, so take chances and risks if you want to succeed. Come out of your comfort zone.

24. Take your life seriously but give a lot of room for fun and enjoyment. Be witty and jovial always. Losers can never be so.

25. Most importantly learn how to take defeat ! Anticipate failures !!! Cope up with them and move forward. Being successful doesn’t mean that you should win allways. But consider failures as stepping stones and move forward.

26. Allow people to defeat you at times. Enjoy when you loose. Because they are the best opportunities to learn and keep your feet on earth.

All the Best Friends !!!!!

I am who I am
Who else would I be
I won’t change for you
So why change for me
I won’t waste my life
Being someone I can not be
Because I’m not a fake
Unwilling to break
Get used to what you see
I’m going to be me

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One of my friends told me there are only two classes of people in this world. He had few names to quote and told me that people belong to only two classes talkers or doers. Well I could not agree much with that and hence decided to share few of my thoughts with you all. According to me, there are not two, but three classes of people broadly – 1) Talkers 2) Doers 3)Others. The third category will have two unique ‘L’ groups – Losers and Leaders. 

The argument goes there are people who talk nicely but fail to execute. And of course as much is said about them there are people who do not talk anything much but ‘DO’ things well. Generally people are biased that the second category people ‘doers’ are much better than mere ‘talkers’. Even the good old saying goes like this – “Talk less and Work More”. But for me both these categories are ‘winners’ in their on ways. Both talkers and doers can win battles even. Remember inspirational words by Mr. Churchill made a country win the war. At the same time due credit goes to the men who executed the mission too.

If you talk well, even without doing anything especially in a country like India you can survive. To add on to that, even if you do really bad things if you know how to talk and handle the situation you can often escape the embarrassment and consequences. I have read somewhere – “Every fraud on this planet is blessed with one gift – the gift being his tongue”.

 If you are a guy who can execute things brilliantly but not so good at your speaking skills still you will get your recognition and appreciation, though it might take a while or even few years for people to realize your presence. And the fame might last longer than for ‘talkers’.

Now how about being not good at both? You neither can talk well nor do. Then the title would say – Looser! When I say not good talkers, I include the people who talk a lot of nonsense and absolute rubbish. They indeed are talkers but, sorry that non-sense talkers for me goes into the class of losers. People who crib also are talkers but are still contenders for the Losers Category. Don’t they say that Empty Vessels make more noise! There are people who talk rubbish or who do not take part in any of those conversations as such or who prefer to be silent always and still do not do anything productive. This includes who just sits in a room 24*7 watches some movies, reads ‘those’ magazines always, eat , puke it out, eat again and sleep…. get up… eat…. !!!

And then the people belonging to the other ‘L’ Category – LEADERS ! I feel there are men in this world who can talk well and do things effectively. May be they do not execute everything that they preach. But still there are people who do productive work and can speak well, convince people and get work done too. These days one would encounter a lot of such Leaders in your life. No, I’m not talking about Political Leaders. The focus is on real Leaders who inspire us with their lives and their words. Business entrepreneurs, Sports Persons, Few Politicians….. The list goes on. But not just these high profile candidates, this category of people are present in every walk of life. And Not just that Any one of us can be one too! And our Country badly needs GOOD LEADERS!

Bottom Line: – Be it category 1 or 2 – Talkers or Doers, they both are at the end of the day winners.  Being in the category of Leaders is what everyone should strive for. But definitely ensure that you are not in the category of Losers!

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Here is an article which hit me… Hope it would make a change !

Does your small business or company support a charity or non-profit group? As you grow your business and become more successful, you will have requests from different groups in your community for sponsorship, donations, participation in events or other ways of giving. Most large corporations have programs for social responsibility and community involvement, and it is a great idea for small businesses, too.

Here are six reasons you should support a charity or non-profit endeavor in your community:

1—The opportunity to give back. This is the top reason to seek out a charity to support. It allows you to share and pass on some of your good fortune and success. Doing so in your own community can bring business benefits, too.

2—Community support and good will. Being part of a community is vital for small business. In the days of the mega stores and the internet, it can be difficult to sustain a small business. One way to ensure that your business thrives in your community is to help build a thriving community.

3—Marketing opportunities. When you donate money, time, products or services, charity and non-profit groups usually have some sort of recognition program. Having your business name included is good promotion. It is one of the reasons you see children’s athletic teams with business names on their uniforms. People are more apt to support businesses they feel are part of their world.

4—The opportunity to support causes you believe in. It is great if you can tie your business purpose to a particular charity, but if you cannot, you can pick a charity or community group that you are passionate about and support them. For example, a baby clothing store can support baby safety, prevention of child abuse, breastfeeding, and many other causes that “make sense” for a baby clothing business to support. But, if the owner has a passion to help animals, she can certainly promote those causes in a baby store, too.

5—Contributions don’t have to drain your bank account. Many organizations, particularly those at the local level have needs for time and services as well as cash. Contact the group you would like to help and ask them if there are volunteer opportunities available.

6—The opportunity to be involved. Getting involved in your local community is a great business strategy for many reasons. As you get to know others and work with others for a cause that you believe in, you will have fun and, you’ll become a part of the group. You will be involved and that can help you with marketing your business in many ways—you will know the needs of the community and be able to find ways to meet them. It’s hard to buy that kind of market research anywhere, but almost impossible for small businesses.

All in all, supporting a charity or non-profit group can help your business grow, but most of all, it can be a great way to give back to your community and help support causes that need your help.

So what you are waiting for …. Join some social causes and support them.

Heard about Child for Life ?

Unit of Hope?

Autumn Muse ?

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Visit http://johnknight.in/uoh


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